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KOKOS Elegance 001


Tunnel Meiki Gloria

Meiki Gloria

Regular Price: €59.95

Special Price €34.95

Meiki Nara

Meiki Nara

Regular Price: €39.49

Special Price €24.95

The Meiki Eighteen - Dream

Meiki Eighteen - Dream

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Special Price €49.95

Meiki Sandara

Meiki Sandara

Regular Price: €69.95

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Hera Hip Mini

Hera Hip Mini

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Cherry Onahip

Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator

Regular Price: €109.95

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Meiki Hera One Sex Doll

Meiki Hera One Sex Doll

Regular Price: €349.95

Special Price €219.95


Meiki Oknyeo

Regular Price: €219.97

Special Price €189.95


Masturbators, artificial vaginas, or onaholes, are masturbation toys that imitate the look, but especially the feel of a real woman as much as possible. It's not just the exterior of an artificial pussy that is realistic... the interior too must feel extremely lifelike and natural.

Our assortment of artificial vaginas ranges from relatively simple onahole models that can be used as a masturbator - like the Tenga - to full hips that can weigh up to several kilograms, which all contributes to an ever more realistic experience!

Japanese Masturbators / onaholes

Of course Motsutoys stocks primarily Japanese artificial pussies. For good reason: the Japanese are continuously perfecting the art of producing onaholes, resulting in ever more lifelike female genitalia.

The Japanese language has the word Meiki, which means something akin to perfect vagina.  The artificial vaginas from sex toy producer Meiki therefore, are a perfect copy of the female anatomy. But sometimes they add extra stimulation to their onaholes, for example with a larger G spot, or by creating extra suction.

Why use a Masturbator?

Masturbation is awesome. This is probably why there is a National Masturbation Month. Some of the reasons why people consider this healthy include the following:

  • Sexploration
  • Relieve stress 
  • Experience multiple orgasms
  • Enhances confidence 
  • Extra safe sex

Which Masturbator Suits You?

When buying a sex toy like this, you should decide beforehand which features are important to you. You may prefer a certain size, or a certain weight. Some men want a small, tight pussy, while others want more room and depth.

You should also consider the sensations you want to experience. Some onaholes create much more suction than others, and the tunnels can vary a lot. There are also dual-layered onaholes. The extra interior layer is more stimulating than the smooth exterior.

And then there are artificial vaginas with a motor. The Meiki Kourin is one of them. Its motors imitate the movements of a woman having sex. The experience is extremely lifelike!

You can always contact us through chat, email or telephone to discuss the artificial vagina that will fulfil your desires. 

How to use a Masturbator

Using these toys is pretty easy. Like the real pussy, stimulation or pre-game is essential. That said, apply a lubricant to the toy as well as your penis. Most designs come with their preferred lotions. This reduces friction and heightens sensations. Proceed by penetrating the circular entrance slowly. At first, it might seem smaller but will expand with time. Masturbator made with soft materials require some grabbing to increase sensations. Move back and forth until you get to the climax.

Cleaning your masturbator

After use, it's important to clean your masturbator / onahole. Some designs can be turned inside out, in that case you can simply rinse it off en let it dry overnight. Other designs need to be flushed out and then dryed with a cloth. Putting the cloth on a stick or pencil might be helpfull with getting all the moisture out. Using a maintenance powder will help with drying and keeping the material fresh.