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Description / Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole

Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole

The “Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole” is Toysheart's largest and heaviest onahole so far. It weighs an impressive 1100 grams!
The name could apply to the buxom lady measuring her chest on the packaging, but actually has more to do with the onahole itself. For this artificial vagina is very special - it adjusts and responds to your penis.
The Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole is designed with a flexible tunnel that stretches and grows when you penetrate her. The more you use her, the more she will respond to your length, girth, and shape. 
However way your penis may be shaped, this artificial pussy adapts herself to it. 
The tunnel can adjust in length and in width. However, don't think that this means she'll become less tight over time. 
The tunnel's tightness and texture will remain, because Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole has been produced out of Toysheart's unique Safe Skin material.

One of the unique properties of Safe Skin material is that it adjusts to the user, and has something akin to a built-in memory.  Safe Skin is extremely strong and durable. It is elastic, stretchy, and feels soft and smooth.

Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole - Interior

The use of the Safe Skin material removes the need for a dual layer.

The tunnel measures 16 cm long, with a diameter between 30-42 mm. 
The 2 cm wide entrance is hidden by her lush labia. You will be happy that you don't need to squeeze in a 2 mm hole, which would require a large amount of lubricant. Toysheart products do not require excessive amounts of lube, and therefore allow you to enjoy the tunnel to its fullest.

As described, the tunnel is made out of a unique material.
The first section is covered with ribs; it is 20 mm wide, but can expand to 24 mm.  
At waist-level, her vagina becomes a bit narrower (about 12 mm), while the wall is covered with nubs. This section can expand up to 18 mm. 
The third section of the tunnel is covered with larger ribs, and with a 22 mm diameter, it is roomier. However, this section can contract to up to 12 mm.
The end chamber is the final section. You can use it by squeezing it and letting out the air before you penetrate this beautiful fake pussy. This will create stronger suction. But of course you can also penetrate the end chamber, which is 14 mm wide, and 20 mm long.  Sliding in and out of this chamber gives extra stimulation to the bottom of the tip of your penis. An almost unbearable sensation!

Use this onahole on a table, a desk, your bed... the possibilities are endless. Because of its weight and size, it is firm and stable.

Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole

Product Features

Total length: 180 mm
Tunnel length: 160 mm
Weight: 1100 grams
Material: Safe Skin
A free bottle of lubricant is supplied.
Toysheart's Measuring the Girl's Growth Onahole is designed and manufactured in Japan.

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Completely medium onahole. Every aspect of this one is medium except the size.
Review by Riva
The onahole I have got was the one in the middle old box (W140xH186xD107)mm but with the complete girl box print.

0.75 ★ no cavities but long tunnel

1.50 ★ no changes after about 15 uses

1.25 ★ medium firm material, medium tight tunnel, much nubs and an tiny uterus

0.25 ★ lubricant included

3.75 ★ | ★★★★☆

My opinion:
The onahole comes with a 20 ml phial of 'Moisty +' lubricant. The onahole is huge for an onahole and small for a hip. It can be held and used one handed. Stimulation of this onahole is medium. Every parameter that stimulation depends on is medium. The material is medium firm, the tunnel is medium tight and the nubs, bumps and ribs are medium sized. The material 'safe skin' used for this onahole feels a bit more coarse then 'virgin skin'. The material is still smooth and barely sticky after 15 uses. For cleaning purpose it is advised to use soap and to dry it with a cloth on a pencil. No changes were perceived after 15 uses and cleanings.

My summary:
Completely medium onahole. Every aspect of this one is medium except the size.

My summing: ★★★★☆
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it's good
Review by ytrewq
had it for years, bought from jlist
feels solid but wouldn't call it very hard
shapes nicely over time
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 1,100.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 160.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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