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The Meiki Alice has two tunnels that are closed off, making it possible to have a strong vacuum.  The tunnel slopes downward, which helps to give more pressure to the top of the penis. Just like the Meiki Half Hera, this hip is designed for doggie style sex.
Meiki Alice inside

The lack of outlets makes it a little harder to clean the Meiki Alice, but the sensation caused by the vacuum will make up for that!

Meiki Alice measurements:

Weight: 4 kg
Product Details: 30 cm x 23 cm x 14.5 cm
Meiki Alice size

The Meiki Alice 2 is designed with a vaginal and an anal tunnel. The texture of the vagina is extremely realistic. The ridges and studs provide a lot of stimulation.
Meiki Alice tunnels

The anal tunnel is covered with small studs, and its curves make for a tight but smooth sensation.

Meiki Alice Auto Version:

Besides the regular Meiki Alice, you can now enjoy the Meiki Alice Auto Version.
The Auto Version has two spaces to insert the massage motors.
These motors simulate the contractions of a vagina. This will make your experience even more lifelike.
Alice motoren

The motors have various settings:
 - Vibrate
 - Rotate left (+ vibrate)
 - Rotate right (+ vibrate)

The Meiki Alice Auto is easy to control with the control unit.
The two separate motors massage the walls of the tunnel, which simulates real intercourse in a pulsating and sensational way.

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