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Meiki Gloria

The Meiki Gloria is a masturbator produced by South Korean sex toy manufacturer Kokos. The Gloria is # 4 in the Artist Collection Series. It measures an impressive 18 cm!
If you are still only using your hand for masturbation, you really don't know what you're missing...

The structure of the outside material makes for great grip, while the gorgeously soft material provides fantastic sensations!

Dual-layered Gloria

The Meiki Gloria is a dual-layered artificial pussy. This technique is applied in many onaholes, so you are probably familiar with it.

With a dual layer masturbator, the material used for the interior is different from that for the exterior. While the outside feels soft and smooth like the skin of a young woman, the inside is firmer and therefore creates more stimulation.

Meiki Gloria's Tunnel

Basically, there are two types of tunnels. There is the split structure, where your penis opens the walls of the tunnel. There is also the 3D structure - like with the Meiki Gloria - with an open tunnel.
This type of tunnel creates a lot of stimulation because its diameter is smaller than that of your penis, and because the material on the top side 'rests' on the tunnel.

Pry open the outer labia and you get a view of the beautiful pink entrance of this artificial pussy. The interior structure has countless nubs and ridges - this relief stimulates your penis all over.
There is a clearly defined narrowing at the centre, which is caused by the membranes. These are well positioned: the tip of your penis gets extra stimulation before you come in the end chamber.

This sizeable onahole measures 18 cm long and 9 cm wide, while it weighs 635 grams. It is comparable to the much costlier Meiki No Shoumei. This Meiki Gloria by Kokos a winner!

Product Features

Kokos Gloria Meiki Masturbator

- Weight: 635 gram
- Length: 18 cm 
- Width: 9 cm
- Height: 9 cm
- Dual-layered
- Great grip
- Closed design

Because of its closed design, the Meiki Gloria creates a vacuum during usage that ensures great suction. 

Additional Information

  1. Very good for its price Review by Bryphocy

    The Gloria might be considered too hard and tight for some, but for someone whos had a circumcision (twice, once normal, other because of a re-op) and having lost quite a bit of sensation from it, it's really great to get some stimulation. Most other onaholes for me, doesn't feel of anything, but this really gets a good amount of stimulation going. A very good option for guys with reduced sensation. I would say though, it does feel a bit too tight at the beginning, but after some usage, it helps a lot. (Posted on 6/18/2018)

  2. A piece of hard rubber Review by Man

    I was really impressed by some video and other reviews of this product and it was a reason to order it. Comparing with other product from KOKOS - Meiki Angel that feels as real as it gets, Gloria feels too tight and hard, like a cheap masturbator from China. I also have 3 great sleeves from NPG (Maria, ZXY, YJY) and prefer to add some money and buy real vagina replica, like Meiki Sarah 007 to complete their classic dual layer line. Thank you MotsuToys, for great service and option to try Gloria with reduced price. (Posted on 11/18/2017)

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