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Meiki Haru - Single Layer

Note: these pictures are of the dual-layer version. We are selling the single-layer version, which does not have the pink inside. 

The Meiki Haru is a model from Kokos' Mini Meiki Series. With its 15 cm this onahole is not very small, but in comparison to the 3-5 kg hips that Kokos usually produces, the name is aptly chosen.

The single-layer design is more durable than the dual-layer, as here the layers can't split apart. 

The Haru weighs 315 grams and because of its sleek design, it will fit inside most inflatable Love Dolls.

The Meiki Haru Tunnel

The outer labia hide the inner labia and the tunnel. Pry the outer lips open and the entrance of the tunnel is revealed.

This entrance is narrow and has a stimulating G spot at the top, and large ridges at the bottom - right at the start of the tunnel.

Meiki Haru

Next, your penis follows undulating ribs to a bend in the tunnel. The last part of the tunnel has another narrowing with a large, soft and stimulating membrane at the end.
The back of the onahole is closed, creating a vacuum that ensures great suction.


The Meiki Haru weighs 315 grams. The total length is 150 mm, while it is 70 mm high and 60 mm wide. 

Meiki Haru onahole

Cleaning the Meiki Haru

Follow the steps in the images below.

 How to clean a Meiki Onahole

1. Rinse the Meiki with water, and allow the water to run out.
2. Find a soft cotton cloth, or a handkerchief.
3. Wrap the cloth around a blunt stick (for example, a pencil).
Gently push the stick inside the onahole, and leave it 10 minutes inside so that it can absorb the water.
Repeat with a dry section of the cloth.
4. Let the Meiki air out, and store your onahole for future use.

The combination of the great stimulation and the fantastic value make the Meiki Haru an excellent choice.

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