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Meiki Premium Hera 3

The Meiki Premium Hera 3 -Hera 3 for short- is a complete silicone sex doll to scale. The attention to detail, the superior material, and the stimulating tunnels make this a very special high-end sex toy.
The Hera 3 has no less than 3 entrances; you can penetrate her vagina, her mouth, and her anus.

It is made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and is 40 cm long, 28 cm wide, and 22 cm high.
The Hera 3 weighs 6.2 kg.

The head and the legs have been strengthened to increase stability.

The Hera 3 is very detailed: She has eyelashes and her lips are beautiful and inviting. 

Hera 3 entrances:

The vagina and the mouth have an sperm outlet for easy cleaning. The anal tunnel is closed off. This makes it possible to set a vacuum to your liking, but it also makes it harder to clean.

Meiki Hera 3

The vagina has a protruding G-Spot, tear shaped studs, and tight curves.
The anal tunnel is also covered with studs, with sharper curves.
The texture of the mouth has ridges, alternated with studs.
Meiki Hera 3 side

Besides the eye lashes and the mouth, there are other beautiful details. The clitoris for example, has been designed very realistically. It looks great during intercourse too. The anal entrance is very lifelike as well. As you can see in the picture, she seems to have a real sphincter.

The mouth may initially seem a bit small, but she will swallow you with pleasure.

The cross-sections above show the texture of the tunnels. The tunnels are narrow, but flexible during penetration.

This image shows the bottom of the Hera 3 Auto Version with a description of the holes.
exits Hera 3

1) Neck stabiliser
2) Fluid outlet throat
3) Fluid outlet vagina
4) Motors Auto Version
5) Leg stabilisers

The Meiki Premium Hera 3 can make almost all your wishes come true.

More information on the Meiki Hera 3 Auto

The Meiki Hera 3 Auto Version has two spaces to insert the massage motors.
These motors simulate the contractions of a vagina. This will make your experience even more lifelike.
Hera 3 motor

The motors have various settings:
- Vibrate
- Rotate left (+ vibrate)
- Rotate right (+ vibrate)

2 way motor kokos

The Meiki Hera 3 Auto is easy to control with the control unit.
The two separate motors massage the walls of the tunnel, which simulates real intercourse in a pulsating and sensational way.

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