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The Meiki Hera One is a special sex doll, with three awesome entrances! 

Every tunnel is super realistic (like all the Meiki’s from KOKOS).

The Meiki Hera One comes in one piece of material made of non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer, which is a fancy word for saying it’s friendly for your body :)

The Meiki Hera One is not a lifesize product but is scaled down to a length of 55 cm, a width of 22 cm and a height of 21 cm. Combine that with a weight of 7,6 kg and you have a pretty realistic sex doll.

She’s laying on her belly, just waiting to get a hard pounding.


Meiki Hera One details:

From whatever angle you look at her, she always looks seductive and her entrances are easily accessible. That’s because this Meiki isn’t only realistic on the inside, but on the outside as wel.

Beautiful eyelashes, a cute nose and passionate lips are ready waiting for you. She is submissively waiting for you with her ass up and ready to receive you in all her 3 holes.


There are more details then the pictures will tell you.

When you penetrate her, the lips and clitoris will move with you, like they come alive.

They anal experience is more realistic then you would expect, her tight ass makes room for your when you want to enter her anally.

Her mouth looks tight, but when you put it in she will take it all. Experience a deep throat blowjob and give her everything you got, she wont complain when you put it all the way in her throat.

The Meiki Hera One tunnels:

The cut-through pictures from all the tunnels will show you the realistic, organic structures. All the tunnels are tight but flexible and will stretch during penetration.

Handy: All her holes contain a “sperm-exit” which makes for easy cleaning, as you are able to rinse water through it.


The Vagina entrance on the Meiki Hera One has a diameter varying from 8 to 22mm like you see on the picture above. The structure is realistic and made with different nob and a G-Spot which you can feel really well during use.


The anal tunnel has it own unique and realistic structure. Her inviting ass feels tight and stimulating, the tunnel has a diameter of 7 to 15 mm.


Last but not least, we discuss the oral entrance. Her full pink lips wait until you put it deep in her throat. Her mouth and throat contain ribs and nobs for realism and maximum stimulation. The Diameter of this tunnel varies between 8 to 13mm.

Meiki Hera One AUTO 

Besides the standard, there is the option of a AUTO version, this version comes with two motors.

As you can see on the picture, the AUTO version contains extra holes on the bottom where you can put in the motors. The motors will then move and vibrate for extra stimulation during use.


1) Sperm exit vagina
2) Motor holes (only with the AUTO version)
3) Anal sperm exit
4) Throat sperm exit.


The Meiki Hera One is an awesome sex doll, she isn’t as big as a real women, but is still pretty big and offers a lot of variant with 3 different holes. 

You can see that a lot of thought is put into the product as it has a lot of details both inside and out and even contains sperm exits which is really handy!


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