Meiki Love Doll Valentina

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Meiki Love Doll Valentina

With this beautiful doll, sex toy producer Kokos has sculpted a wonderful work of art. You probably already know Kokos products such as the popular Meiki Cherry, the Meiki three sisters, and the Half Hera Hip. Kokos has built up a good reputation, based on their attention to detail on both the interior and the exterior of their love dolls, that are made of gorgeous soft material, and have very stimulating tunnels.

Valentina is the third in Kokos' Love Doll series. Love Doll Valentina is a sexy woman on her knees, with her back arched. She is ready to do it doggy style! 
Just check the images on top of the page to see with how much care and attention to detail this Love Doll has been designed. Her back, the small feet, her breasts and her elaborately chiselled face - even the folds in the sheet under her are extremely life-like!


The Love Doll Valentina has three tunnels! All tunnels are dual-layered, with the inside of the tunnel made out of somewhat firmer material than the soft and smooth outside. This makes for more pressure and stimulation.

Let's start with her sweet vagina. The pussy has the camel toe-look, where the outer lips cover the inner lips.

Real doll Valentina

Open the outer labia to enjoy the view of the entrance of the vaginal tunnel, which is covered with flesh-like folds and studs. The first part of the tunnel has two G spots, a thick and stimulating membrane, and ridges that give you a sensational experience.

Love Doll Valentina

Towards the end, the tunnel tapers of towards an extra narrow section with studs, for even more stimulation.

The anal tunnel

The design of the anal tunnel is slightly more simple. It is not undulating, but straighter, and features large oval studs and an organic structure.

Anal Tunnel Real doll Valentina

This anal tunnel is also dual-layered, which makes it firmer, creating more stimulation. The central part of the anal tunnel has a 1.5 cm diameter.

The mouth

The Love Doll Valentina sets itself apart from other dolls with its oral tunnel. This dual-layered tunnel has no less than five zones that are narrower, while it is covered with round studs that really suck your penis inside. Its entrance is a very realistic-looking mouth; its design contributes to the life-like experience.

 Love Doll Valentina mouth

Sperm outlet and vacuum

We already said that all three tunnels are dual-layered, but each tunnel also has a sperm outlet.
The tunnels follow the so-called through-hole design; meaning that each tunnel continues into a smaller tunnel that ends at the other side of the Love Doll.
This makes it very easy to rinse the tunnels, because the water simply flows through. Usually, the disadvantage of this design is that there is less or no vacuum during usage, because the back-end of the tunnel is open. 
But the designers of the Valentina solved this by positioning the endings of the tunnels on the underside of the doll. If you put her on a flat surface, the holes are closed off. But of course you can also seal them or plug them temporarily yourself.

Dimensions 50 x 23 x 20 cm
Weight: 6 kg

Each individual tunnel provides unique sensations, while the level of detail of the Love Doll Valentina is simply excellent.

Additional Information

  1. tellement bien Review by kevin

    Alors par ou commencer, déjà la beauté de cette objet est hallucinante franchement rien a dire sur ça, la sensation encore plus elle est hyper réaliste, seul petit problème, c'est l'entrée oral qui est trop petit, pour ceux qui on une taille moyenne c'est limite, alors pour ceux qui ont plus ne vous attendez pas a un truck de ouf. (Posted on 8/2/2018)

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