Meiki Love Doll Victoria

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Love Doll Victoria

Recently, Kokos introduced three new Love Dolls, the Veronia, Valentina, and the Love Doll Victoria.
Kokos is well-known for their beautifully detailed hips and artificial vaginas. You probably already know the Meiki Cherry or the Meiki Kourin. 
The design of the Love Dolls is incredibly detailed, both inside and outside!

The Love Doll Victoria represents a woman on her back that has pulled up her legs and squeezes her breasts; thus creating the M-style. In this position, she has completely surrendered herself to the male, that can thrust deep inside her. 
And you can see how much she enjoys this; just look at her hard nipples and the curled-up toes!

Vagina with detail

The images on this page show the incredible level of detail of this design. Victoria has a beautifully sculpted face, lush round hips, gorgeously tight abs, sweet curly toes, and of course, lovely lips.


The outer labia hide the pink inner lips and the flesh-coloured tunnel.
The tunnel has the following design: 
The first section has two G spots, and a membrane surrounded with folds, guaranteeing a warm welcome to this pussy.

The middle section is covered with large nubs that pleasure the underside of the penis. The tunnel ends with a sperm outlet, making cleaning very easy. The interior of the tunnel is made of a different material than the exterior - it is dual-layered. 

The anal tunnel

The anal tunnel starts with a slight bend with spiral-like folds. The middle section has a 1.5 cm diameter. These dimensions of the Love Doll Victoria are very similar to those of a real woman. 
The ridges that cover the tunnel provide almost unbearable sensations...
This tunnel too, ends with a sperm outlet. This makes it easy to rinse and clean.

Cleaning the Love Doll - the sperm outlet

Love Doll Victoria has two tunnels, both with a sperm outlet. This is the so-called through-hole design
Because the tunnels end in an outlet, they are very easy to clean, by simply allowing water to run through them. The disadvantage of this open design usually is that the tunnel does not create a vacuum. However, the Love Doll designers solved this issue by letting the outlets end in the flat underside of the doll. When positioned on a flat surface, Victoria's sperm outlets are sealed off.
And this way, you have the best of both worlds: a strong vacuum and a Love Doll that is easy to clean!

Victoria weighs: 5.5 kg
Is 14 cm high, 50 cm long and 27 cm wide.

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