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Meiki Nancy

The Nancy is a Mini doll produced by Kokos. This doll is 42 cm tall. Nancy is waiting for you on her bed, in the missionary position. The design of this doll is extremely detailed. The Nancy mini doll is such a beautiful, well-sculpted product; it is a pleasure just to look at her.

Meiki Nancy Sexdoll

Her face has a lot of detail and the pink lips, her eyebrows, and the eye make-up make it very lifelike. Her hair is spread out over the wrinkled sheets. Her body is slim while she has a pair of beautiful big boobs. Other details that make Nancy so perfect include her abdominal muscles, hip bones, and her cute belly button.

Meiki Nancy sillicone

Her tiny fingers grasp the sheets, while her toes are curled with pleasure. Nancy is a joy for the eyes and for your penis.

The Physical Pleasure Starts Here...

As Nancy lies on her bed, her vagina is at the centre of attention. Her pussy looks deceptively small, but there is a complete artificial vagina just beyond the entrance. The tunnel is open-ended, but still manages to create a strong vacuum. The end is well closed off because of the flat underside. If you lay her on a sheet of plastic, for example the bag in which she is packaged, it will function as a valve. Air can be pushed out, but won't come back in. That way she grabs hold of your penis. You can already feel the suction when you only push the tip of your penis inside!

Meiki Nancy Tunnel

Meiki Nancy's tunnel provides exquisite stimulation from the beginning to the end. We will try to describe it briefly. At the start of the tunnel, the bottom is covered with large studs, while the ^-shaped structure on the upper side is adorned with small ridges. See 1, in the image below.

Meiki Nancy sexdoll tunnel

In the central section you will experience a curve, which might surprise you for a product with these dimensions. This part of Meiki Nancy is covered with larger humps (2). The final section of this seductress is dotted with tiny ridges that, together with the vacuum, will have you climax time and again (3).

How to Enjoy Meiki Nancy

Well, with this lady your penis looks gigantic! And upon penetration, Nancy seems to come alive. When you are thrusting inside her, her body moves like she is squirming with pleasure. Her physique stays in a natural shape, but it really looks as if her hips and body are moving along with your motions.

You can penetrate her while lying on top, but you won't enjoy the sight of her tiny body absorbing your enormous dick. She can also be positioned on a table in front of you, with her legs dangling a little over the edge. This way you have a good view of her spread out in front of you, and you definitely won't need any porn movies! This mini doll is made out of TPE and weighs 4000 gram. With its current price this is an exceptionally good deal!

Cleaning Meiki Nancy

Because the tunnel is open, it is easy to clean Meiki Nancy. Rinse her under the tap (if you have a large sink!), or in the shower. The latter may be the best option, as she weighs almost 4 kg. Kokos used a strong an durable material, so you can insert a thin (microfibre) cloth to dry her after rinsing. Next, we recommend to use Ag+ Nano powder or talcum powder, to ensure that the tunnel is really dry.

Meiki Nancy Product Details

Meiki Nancy product details

Weight: 4 kg
Length: 42 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 12 cm

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