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Meiki Nara

The Meiki Nara is the second masturbator in Kokos'  Mini Series. Although, with a length of 16 cm, this model isn't exactly mini. But the Mini masturbators are Kokos' smallest models. Kokos is an acclaimed producer of larger hips and silicone dolls.

The front of the Meiki Nara is almost rectangular. The labia protrude symmetrically and are beautifully sculpted, together with the clitoris.

Meiki Nara Material

The Meiki Nara is made from a firm material, making it strong and rigid, despite the relatively thin walls. The dual-layer structure ensures excellent stimulation.The pink inner layer is firmer than the smooth exterior.

Meiki Nara Tunnel

The pink tunnel is mostly straight with a light curve. Along its entire length, the upper side of the tunnel is adorned with a W-shaped ridge that is covered with studs. It runs all the way to the end, where it is higher than at the start.

Meiki Nara

The bottom of the tunnel is covered with studs of varying dimensions. As you go deeper into the tunnel the studs increase in size. At the end you will feel a round elongated hump that runs down on either side. This mound is also covered with studs, as depicted in the cross-section.

Combined with the upper side of the tunnel this makes for unique and exquisite stimulation. The Nara is a very suitable artificial vagina for a Love doll. The stimulation and the vacuum are not too extreme, but rather well-measured. It is 16 cm long. It's a beautiful masturbator that is well priced, and guaranteed to provide you hours of pleasure.

Meiki Nara Product Details

Length: 16 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight: 295 gram

Meiki Nara onahole

Cleaning the Meiki Nara is easy. Thanks to the strong material, the Nara can be turned inside-out, after which it can be rinsed with cold or lukewarm water.

Additional Information

Manufacturer KOKOS

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