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Meiki Oknyeo

Meiki Oknyeo is a brilliant design from Japan, the country where professionals are creating the best and best feeling replicas in the world. Presently, this is the summum of ecstasy!
This hip-masturbator is designed with two separate tunnels with incredible structures. Both the vagina as the anal structure are very detailed. The vagina has a protruding G-spot and a cervix.

How is the Oknyeo different?

There are different hips with a similar weight on the market, but they lack the inner structure of the Oknyeo. The pleasure that this hip gives to you cannot be compared with that of a hip that cost you just a few bucks.

The anus and its structure have been designed with a lot of detail. The rectum is shaped perfectly and doesn't leave anything to the imagination. A lot of attention has gone to the design of the vagina. It's not easy to design a hip with a realistic and sexy pussy. This has made the hip slightly more expensive, but ever so much more enjoyable.

Compared to older versions, there is a new addition: the sperm exit. This part makes it easier to clean the hip after usage.
Read the text below for more information about this product. The hip is 24 cm long and 25 cm wide.
Maximum height is about 16 cm. It is supplied with a small amount of lubricant. Weight: 4.5 kg. Material: Non-harmful thermoplastic rubber

Meiki Kourin

Meiki Kourin binnenkant

Meiki Kourin cut


Meiki Oknyeo AUTO Stimulation (*optional extra attachment)

Cherry2 AUTO

We also stock the AUTO version, which has holes for the two massage motors.
These motors simulate the contractions of the vagina and movement of the hip. This makes the experience even more life-like.

The motors vibrate and turn left or right. This can easily be controlled by the command unit and twisting the button on the front.
The massage function of each motor kneads the tunnel walls, which simulates real intercourse in a pulsating, previously unknown manner.

The Command Unit:

On the side of the Command Unit, you will find two rotary controllers. One of them is used to control the sound, while the other manages the intensity of the vibrations and the speed of the rotations.
On top of the Unit is a small speaker, which emits the sound of a moaning girl. Volume is easy to control and sound can also be heard by plugging in a set of headphones.

Enjoy the double vibration and double massage. This makes the Meiki Oknyeo even more special.

2 weg motor
This 2-Way-Motor Unit is presently not for sale separately and does not fit in other Meiki Oknyeo models (which are not equipped with the two extra holes).
The Command Unit works with four 1.5 V batteries (not included).

Additional Information

  1. Good weight, bit small, realism inside! Review by David

    First thing to say is - do not use just any lube with this product!! I made the mistake of using a normal water based lube and I had to use the whole 50ml thing in my first session, plus a bit of the “pussy juice” lube you can buy here which is much much better.

    I decided to move away from Fleshlight (of which I have several) as I am a recent fan of VR so wanted that extra aspect of realism.

    Position wise, cowgirl is a little tricky, but doggy is a winner and missionary is quite good too. The details in the tunnels are realistic but really quite tight, I am not Jonny Sins by any means but it was a squeeze at times hence the need for a great lube.

    Overall this is a good hip, that I will get the best out of in time. I prefer a larger one, and I will shortly be trying my new KYO 7 Sins and some other toys so you can expect more reviews in the coming weeks :) (Posted on 4/3/2020)

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