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The Meiki Plush is one of the most affordable and versatile sex doll torso’s on the market. Made from soft polyester with a adjustable hole so it can be used with a whole range of onahole’s / mastrubator’s.

With the Meiki Plush Doll you can experience your favourite onahole’s in a whole new way!

Meiki Plush Doll

Meiki Plush Doll Dimensions

The proportions of the Meiki Plush are similar to that of your favourite playmate, with the 90-60-90 the Meiki Plush Doll has the dimensions every men dreams of! The height of the Meiki Plush is 58 cm and the shoulders are 35 cm. The leg span is about 46 cm and the weight of only 1.3 KG makes it very usable.

Meiki Plush 2.0.

We sell the Meiki Plush 2.0. which contains a more round ass compared to it’s predecessor.

Here you can see the difference between the original Meiki Plush and the Meiki Plush 2.0:

 Meiki Plush 2.0.

Inserting a Onahole

The entrance of the Meiki Plush is 27 centimeters deep and has a diameter of 8 cm!This makes it suitable for almost any onahole. Whether you are a fan of Tenga, Fleshlight or the Meiki’s with the Meiki Plush you can keep mixing it up.

To make it even easier, the Meiki Plush contains a pull rope mechanism with which you can tighten the hole once you inserted your favourite onahole. In addition there is the ona-wrap which makes inserting bigger toys super easy.

Meiki Plush Ona-wrap

Here is a picture of the Flashlight Pink Lady fitted in the Meiki Plush:

Meiki Plush Doll Fleshlight

And here’s a picture of the Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania in the Meiki Plush Doll.

Meiki Plush Doll with onahole

This is quit a big inhale with a length of 17cm, but even bigger Meiki’s like the Meiki Ozawa, Meiki 5, Meiki 6 or Meiki 7 Sarah all fit the Meiki Plush!

The stuffing gives a good amount of resistance, the material is very bouncy and it always returns to it’s original shape.

Meiki Plush Doll Cleaning

The outside of the Meiki Plush 2.0. is made from super soft polyester, so it’s easy to clean if you stain it. But you can’t put the Meiki Plush in the washer or dryer!

The inside of the hole is made from a silk like material to make insertion of a onahole easy.


The Meiki Plush Doll has a much more realistic feel when you compare it to a blow-up doll. But it’s not just a doll, it’s also just a great addition to your favourite onahole.

Change any onahole from a mastrubation experience to a more sex-like experience and reinvent any toy together with the Meiki Plush!

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  1. Adds a whole new dimension to the experience Review by Martin

    I've gone from using the hand, to using onaholes -with- the hand, to using onaholes hands-free.
    Each "step" has been an improvement but the biggest one was getting this plush doll.
    It adds a whole new dimension to the fap experience. The size and shape is great, offering a wide range of different "positions".
    It IS worth the money spent! (Posted on 7/28/2018)

  2. no head Review by Thijs V

    Of course I knew that this product had no head. But when I was doing her, I felt that I missed something.
    I emailed with Motsu about this and they say they will get another version with a head in a couple of months.

    The product is great, specially from behing, the tits are a nice handfull and all my sextoys fitting in it! (Posted on 3/10/2016)

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