Meiki Three Sisters: Mature

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Meiki Three Sisters Mature

Kokos is known for producing big hips, but also has a range of smaller models: the Three Sisters. They are aptly named: Virgin, Mature, and Nymphomania.

All of these vaginas have a realistic 3D anatomical structure. These onaholes all look hot and horny.

Meiki Three Sisters: Mature

Unlike some models from the Meiki No Shoumei range (Meiki 5, 6, 7), they are not dual-layered, but they measure 17 cm with a penetration length of 15 cm, which is more than enough for the average European male.

These Meiki Sisters fit well in the Meiki Plush.

Meet the Meiki Three Sisters Mature sister, a woman with experience. Her pussy is not as tight as that of a virgin, yet still close-fitting. The mature entrance welcomes your penis and sucks it in. The outside ridges provide excellent grip.


The Mature Sister has an inside like that of an adult woman. This artificial vagina is stimulating, soft, and covered with a fine nubbed structure.
The tunnel narrows and curves upward, which gives pleasure to the entire penis. All Three Sisters are tapered, giving sensational stimulation to the tip of the penis. Of course you can turn the onahole for 90 or 180 degrees, creating a new position with a new effect.
She is not too tight or too wide. She performs like an experienced woman.

The diameter of the tunnel measures between 1 and 1.2 cm, with various constrictions.

Meiki Three Sisters: Mature dwarsdoorsnede maten

The Meiki Three Sisters measurements Mature

Lengte: 170 mm
Max diameter: 95 mm
Min. diameter: 75 mm
Gewicht: 650 g

Additional Information

  1. It's OK Review by Espada

    This onahole trades sensation for durability. The only little tearing happened at the entrance because the hole is so small.

    + durable
    + good size
    + no bad smell
    + easy cleaning
    + good for edging

    o material is on the firmer side (if you prefer soft onaholes then don't buy this)
    o mellow sensation (depends on your preference)
    o not much suction (depends on your preference)
    o you have to test out which lube and amount to use for the best result

    - gets very sticky after washing (Posted on 6/13/2018)

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