Meiki Three Sisters: Virgin

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Kokos is known for producing big hips, but also has a range of smaller models: the Three Sisters. They are aptly named: Virgin, Mature, and Nymphomania.

All of these vaginas have a realistic 3D anatomical structure. These onaholes all look hot and horny.

Meiki Three Sisters: Virgin

Unlike some models from the Meiki No Shoumei range (Meiki 5, 6, 7), they are not dual-layered, but they measure 17 cm with a penetration length of 15 cm, which is more than enough for the average European male.

These Meiki Sisters fit well in the Meiki Plush.

True to her name, the Meiki Three Sisters Virgin is the tightest pussy of the lot. Her small labia guide you to her hot little cumhole. She is aching to feel you inside her.
Her sisters are more experienced, but the Virgin also wants to discover the pleasure of being filled up by a real man. This is a young virginal vagina, and you can tell from the outside and feel on the inside.


The virginal inside of the Meiki Three Sisters Virgin's pussy is a little tighter than Mature's or Nymphomania's. And it is your job to deflower her.
This artificial vagina is stimulating, soft, and flexible. Its structure with nubs, curves, and constrictions creates a sensational experience.
The tunnel narrows and curves upward, which gives pleasure to the entire penis. All Three Sisters are tapered, giving sensational stimulation to the tip of the penis.
The G-Spot (at the 1 cm mark in the image below) will drive your schlong crazy!

The diameter of the tunnel measures between 0.8 and 1 cm, with various constrictions.

Meiki Three Sisters: Mature dwarsdoorsnede maten

The Meiki Three Sisters measurements: Virgin

Length: 170 mm
Max diameter: 95 mm
Min. diameter: 75 mm
Weight: 650g

Additional Information

  1. Almost too intense Review by Jonathan

    It's a fat chunk of artificial fuck meat with its 650g. The insides are very varied and using this thing is a test of willpower. Even though I give it 5 stars, I think the Meiki 3 Sister Virgin isn't suited for my longer masturbation sessions, when I want to read a lot of H manga before shooting. That's because it's just too intense. When every stroke with it could be my last, masturbating becomes a survival horror game. I don't regret buying this, but I wouldn't get anything as strong as this anytime soon. (Posted on 9/7/2019)

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