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Description / Mil-Mix Plus One - Hard

Mil-Mix Plus One - Hard

Don't let the dairy-themed packaging fool you: this isn't just a novelty onahole! This firm onahole will milk you, bringing you to a climax with its intense texture and delicious vacuum.

Shiny box

Most onaholes come in cardboard packaging, but the Mil-Mix Plus One comes in shiny plastic. This not only make the cute illustration look great, it also means that you can keep using this box to store your onahole in, as the material is very resistant to oil and dirt.

Bottle shaped benefits

While some light argue a bottle isn’t the most seductive shape, it’s definitely memorable and easy to hold. It also means that the onahole walls are variable: thin and flexible for the first couple of centimeters, then thicker and more rigid after that. It almost feels like the onahole is clamping down around you!

Stimulating material

The Mil-Mix Plus One is a harder onahole with fairly firm material. This means you will feel every detail of the internal structure and the onahole will wrap around you tightly. If you are particularly sensitive and think this onahole might be too much for you, consider this onahole’s sweet little sister, the Mil-Mix Plus Two. These onaholes are also known as Mil-Mix +1 and Mil-Mix +2.

Pleasure x 20

While the overall shape is the same as that of the Mil-Mix Soft, the textures are very different. The Mil-Mix’s tunnel has a fairly straightforward internal design, but it is incredibly effective and stimulating.
After pouring some lube onto the opening you can slide inside. The fairly large opening makes this easy despite the firm material, and since the walls are thinner at the entrance there is some extra stretch.
The tunnel itself is lined with about twenty large ribs. If you take it slow you can feel each individual ridge slide over you and then clamp down around you. While the texture repeats, the width of the tunnel and its walls still gives some variety. At the start, the tunnel is wide and the walls are thin, allowing for enough stretch to make it comfortable. Then the walls thicken, making it feel as though the Mi-Mix Type 1 is clamping her muscles down around you, becoming less yielding. After that, the tunnel itself tightens too, creating a strong pressure point about halfway down.
After this intense point the tunnel widens again, opening up into an end room. This chamber is not only lined with ribs but also has a small nub at the very end which can stimulate the sensitive tip of your cock.



One of the best things about firm onaholes other than the intense stimulation is that they tend to have good vacuums. If you squeeze the air out before you enter the onahole will try to go back to its original shape, and in doing so it will suck you right in! This adds another level of stimulation to an already stimulation onahole.

A little extra

G-Project includes two extras with this onahole: a lube sample and a storage pouch. The lube sample is fairly standard, but the storage bag is definitely a nice extra. The material it’s made of is easy to clean and will protect your onahole from sunlight and dust. The top of the bag has some holes in it to let moisture escape.


If you want your onaholes to last a long time it is important to maintain them well. First, rinse it out under the tap thoroughly. Once the entire inside is clean dry the onahole by inserting an absorbent cloth or a special drying stick. Leave it in for a couple of minutes so it can wick away the moisture. As a final step you can apply some maintenance powder to the outside. This will restore the soft outer layer and keep dust and dirt from sticking to it.

In Short

The Mil-Mix’s interior makes for a stimulating ride!


Box size: 17.5 x 8 x8
Onahole length: 14.7 cm
Onahole width: 6 cm
Onahole weight: 170 grams
Manufactured by G-Project
Material: TPE
Includes free lube sample
Includes free storage bag

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Very nice, and good feeling
Review by Slame
It feels super, but for some People, it could be a little bit too short (if you know what i mean). It wil also leak some lube,e.g. if you lie down on the bed, the sheets will get wet from the lube. But the Hard version was perfect for me, in terms of feeling, some might want the soft one. All in all super Ona.
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It feels nice
Review by Michal
It's good and i t can SUCK you. Think hard is a bit overkill since it can desensitive you from expreince
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 170.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 120.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Bonne experience
Review by MEUNIER
Ce sextoys est super je le conseil!
Très serré et le fond est génial!
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