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Mil Mix Plus 2 - Soft

Is a bottle a weird shape for an onahole? Maybe. Does it work? Absolutely!


Most onaholes have cardboard boxes, but the Mil-Mix Soft comes in a shiny, semi-transparent one. Not only does this look sleek, it also means that you can re-use the box to store the onahole in, as it won’t get stained by things like lube or oil easily.
The busty brunette on the packaging looks a little shy at first, but she is letting you peek under her skirt. Her large bust almost pops out of her sailor-style uniform and she looks incredibly round and soft… And what has she been doing with that bottle?!

Unusual shape

G-Project isn’t afraid to stray off the beaten path and every now and again they try different designs. The milk bottle shape here isn’t purely a novelty thing: because the walls are thin near the entrance and thicker when you push inside it feels almost like the onahole is squeezing tight around you.

Soft material

The Mil-Mix Plus 2 is a fairly soft onahole. It feels great to the touch, the material is stretchy and supple. Soft onaholes are especially great when you want to take it slow or if you are very sensitive. The material and textures are engineered to work together perfectly.
Do you think the Mil-Mix Plus 2 might be a little too mild for you? Check out the sister onahole, the Mil-Mix Plus 1.

Three-part tunnel

The tunnel of this onahole consists of three distinctly different areas. While the overall shape is the same as that of the Mil-Mix Plus 1, the textures are very different.
Thanks to the bottle shape, the first part of the Mil-Mix has some extra flexibility and the thin walls stretch and open for an easy entrance. The first part of the tunnel is covered in large bumps and nubs which give some gentle stimulation.
After this organic texture the tunnel narrows somewhat in the middle, creating a mild pressure point. The sides are lined with lengthwise ridges and bumps to guide you further inside.
The last part of the tunnel is the so-called “end room”. Here, the Mil-Mix opens up into a large, round chamber that’s covered in row upon row of bumps. At the very back you will find one large bump. This large bump is meant to imitate a cervix, and it feels great when it slides over the tip of your cock.


A vacuum to milk you dry

The relatively large end chamber of the Mil-Mix Plus 2 means that it can form a nice vacuum. Squeeze out the air before sliding inside and the onahole will try to pop back into its original shape, sucking you inside.

A little extra

G-Project includes two extras with this onahole: a lube sample and a storage pouch. The lube sample is fairly standard, but the storage bag is definitely a nice extra. The material it’s made of is easy to clean and will protect your onahole from sunlight and dust. The top of the bag has some holes in it to let moisture escape.


Because of the soft, stretchy material this onahole is fairly easy to clean. Rinse it out thoroughly under the tap, stretching it open a little to let the water get everywhere. Then dry it well. This is most easily accomplished by inserting an absorbent cloth or a drying stick and leaving this to absorb the moisture for a couple of minutes. If necessary, repeat this step. Drying the inside well is important, as moisture can allow mould or bacteria to grow, which means you will have to throw out your onahole.
As a final step you can dust some maintenance powder over the Mil-Mix’s outside to restore it to its original softness. You can skip this step, but the onahole might feel a little sticky.


Box size: 17.5 x 8 x 8 cm
Onahole length: 14.7 cm
Onahole width: 6 cm
Onahole weight: 170 grams
Manufactured by G-Project
Material: Momochi TPE
Includes free lube sample
Includes free storage bag

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