Minami Schoolgym Armpit Smell Lubricant


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Minami Schoolgym Armpit Smell Lubricant

The right lube can make a world of difference! There are a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting a lubricant:


Viscosity, or the “thickness” of the lube makes the biggest difference for your experience. Thicker (more viscous) lubricant feels smoother and makes the sensation a little less intense. It smoothes over all the harsh edges and fills up rough textures, making you feel less friction. You’ll be able to last a much longer time - and so will the lube! Viscous lubricant won’t drip out of your onahole and won’t dry out as easily.
Thinner, less viscous lube will allow you to feel every last ridge and bump. This makes for an intense ride, but you won’t be able to last long!
The Minami Schoolgym Armpit Smell Lubricant is on the thicker side, so it’s perfect if you’re going for longer sessions!


There are several types of lubricant: water-based, oil-based and silicon-based are the most common types. The Minami Schoolgym Armpit Smell Lubricant is water-based, which makes it incredibly versatile. You can safely use it with all kinds of toys (TPE, silicone, glass, etc), but also orally, anally, vaginally or with your hand.


A lot of people underestimate the importance of smell, while it is one of our most important senses! Smells can trigger memories, allow you to immerse yourself in your fantasy or cause a direct physical response. This lubricant is meant to evoke a girl doing gymnastics, and when you open the bottle you can smell the detergent of her costume and a slight hint of rubber. It is a very feminine smell. It isn’t overpoweringly strong.


Contents: 200 ml water-based lubricant
Plastic bottle with click-open cap
Made by Ikebukuro toys

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  1. pretty good Review by Nathan

    Don't stink and smell like a anti-perspirant (Posted on 12/13/2017)

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