Moshiyoga - Hot and Sweaty Japanese Yoga Teacher


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Moshiyoga - Hot and Sweaty Japanese Yoga Teacher

ToysHeart's "What if..." series is a series of onaholes that come with a story or scenario. You can then use this fantasy when you are pleasuring yourself with the onahole. The Moshiyoga is about your experience with a new Yoga instructor who is really enjoying herself. It also has a unique technical and dense interior which has 3 consecutive “impact points”.

The Scenario of the Moshiyoga

What if, during your business trip, you hire a new Yoga instructor. And as she is teaching you, you start to notice that she is starting to sweat, and a particular wet spot starts to appear on her crotch. The healthy voluptuous beauty, with her soft flexible body, seems to really be enjoying the exercises and has gotten all hot and horny for you!

“I know it’s hot, but we have to keep going! Don’t give up! Sweat a lot and improve your condition!
Hmm, what? What are you looking at? My crotch? Oh, I’m so embarrassed! W-Why am I so aroused...
I see yours is also getting quite vigorous…”

Mashiyoga onahole Deep red onahole

The Moshiyoga has an inviting appearance with its hot and lustful dark red exterior. The simple smooth surface over the length combined with a well-defined vulva makes this onahole very enticing to grab onto. The beautifully shaped inner labia are open wide, practically inviting you into her warm embrace. Thrust yourself inside this wonderful onahole and be ready to experience unique sensations.

On ToysHeart’s Characteristics Chart the Moshiyoga is classified as a firm onahole with a tight tendency. This firmness is something that you can feel on the outside as well. Because the walls are not too thick, you will be able to accurately apply pressure to your favourite spots. Combined, these two factors make sure that you will have a powerful orgasm.

Tight Pocket pussy with Gimmicks

As mentioned before, the tunnel is quite tight. The opening might make you believe it won’t be, but once you go deeper, you will change your mind. Thanks to the Gimmicks, you will be zigzagging in the narrow passages of this onahole. On top of that, the inner wall texture is covered with firm ridges ready to stimulate you with each stroke.

The tunnel of this onahole has three HOT Gimmicks, ready to enhance your pleasure like never before. These Gimmicks are uniquely different sections in the shape of actual flames. The firmness of these three flames will stimulate you immensely as you go deeper into this hot pussy! If you want to make your experience even more realistic, then be sure to warm up this onahole with one of our sex toy warmer!

As if these features weren’t enough, this onahole has also been designed in a way to create a vacuum, intensifying the suction! Once you have fully entered this pocket pussy, be sure to press down on the area where the end of the tunnel is located. This way, you will create a strong vacuum which, in combination with the firm flames, will create an amazing stimulation

Using this tight onahole

With a onahole this tight and firm, you’re gonna want to use a good personal lubricant to make sure you can enjoy all of it! An onahole like this has many nooks and crannies, so be sure to properly use all of it to make sure you can continue this onahole for a long time. For more information about maintenance, be sure to check out the information on our cleaning page.

The Moshiyoga in short

The Moshiyoga is a dark red onahole made by ToysHeart, with three firm flame-shaped gimmicks inside the tunnel. The tunnel walls are covered with ridges and the tight zigzagging eventually leads to a small opening which will create a strong vacuum.

Moshiyoga onahole specifications

Weight: 175gr
Length: 15cm
Width: 5,4cm
Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

Additional Information

  1. Meh Review by Momo

    Got 1 or 2 wank out of it, very peculiar interior design, can be stimulating if the fire shaped thingies rub against the frenulum.
    The build quality is alright, doesn't really smell like anything, needs more lube than the average onahole which is not great considering the average stimulation you get out of it.

    Wouldn't recommend as a first onahole. (Posted on 7/27/2020)