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Realistic Sex Doll Sasha

Her blonde curls cascading down her body emphasize her suntanned skin and the beautiful curves of her body. If Sasha were real, she’d undoubtedly model lingerie for the most expensive brands, but as it is now she’ll happily show off her beautiful body in your bedroom.

Sasha: slim yet curvy

Sasha is 166 centimeters tall (5’6) tall and has a very slender body. Her breasts have a natural shape and are proportional to her body, and thanks to the soft material they feel soft, squeezable and incredibly lifelike. Sasha has a nice round ass and a tight pussy with small labia minora peeking out.

If you can peel your eyes away from Sasha’s curves you’ll notice that she also has a very cute face. She has bright green eyes and a sexy mouth. Her hair fades from dark roots to a golden blonde, which makes for a very realistic ombre-look.

She has three holes for you to fuck: her mouth, her pussy and her ass. Each offers a different kind of stimulation.

sex doll Premium materials for a lifelike experience

Motsudolls are made from high quality TPE material. This is the same type of material as almost all onaholes are made of, but as you may know there is a huge variety in quality between different types of TPE. Making a material which is soft yet not oily or smelly is a difficult process, and many manufacturers jealously guard their recipes. With MotsuDolls we were able to work together with a renowned brand, and our dolls are made in their factory, ensuring great quality.

Sasha’s skin feels soft to the touch and responds in a natural way when you grab, squeeze or slap it. It isn't oily or smelly, and can handle a lot of abuse! 

Fully poseable

Underneath that skin is a fully poseable metal skeleton with high-quality joints and hinges. Even the fingers can be posed individually. The eyes can also be adjusted to look left, right, up, down and everything in between. You can put Sasha in countless different poses: spread her legs wide, pin her arms above her head or tie them behind her back, take her doggy style or have her sit on you cowgirl-style. Posing her takes a little practice, but it’s worth it!

Real size sex dolls: perfect for lingerie and cosplay

One area where full size dolls excel is… Their size. While some sex doll torso get close to real size, a doll is generally a little bigger - and more complete. You can’t make a torso wear stockings, for example. In our photo series we have dressed her up as your personal assistant, ready to put in a little work to earn a promotion and stay in her boss' good graces, but you can fulfill any fantasy you wish. 

Sasha has perfect measurements to wear lingerie, a bikini or a cute summer dress. Her slender, curvy body looks great in pretty much any outfit. You can also turn her into your own hentai doll, dressing her up in your favourite character’s outfit. The wig can easily be switched out for a different one, if that completes the look for you!

How to use Sasha

Since a sex doll is a little bigger and more expensive than your average onahole we have included a full manual which outlines exactly what you should and shouldn’t do - but really, it isn’t all that complicated.

After posing Sasha how you want her, and perhaps even dressing her up, liberally apply personal lubricant to the hole(s) you want to fuck. If you want to slide into a hot, wet pussy, consider using a sex toy warmer for a couple of minutes to heat everything up.

When you’re done, cleanup is comparable to cleaning a regular onahole:”make sure everything is clean and dry. We’ve made cleaning the pussy extra easy for you: there is a removable insert which you can take out and wash in your sink. When it’s in place it is hidden by the labia, so you can’t even see it’s there!

Why buy a MotsuDoll? real life sex doll

We know: there are many places you can buy a doll online, and we aren’t the cheapest. So why should you buy from us at Motsutoys?

Avoid cheap crap

When the popularity of sex dolls boomed, a lot of manufacturers decided they wanted in on it. Manufacturers which before had only been producing small sex toys, and even completely new ones, started producing dolls at an incredible rate. Sometimes their own designs, sometimes imitations of already established brands. Good sex dolls aren’t easy to make: you need the right materials, the right facilities, and people with dedication and experience. You may be able to buy a sex doll for less than a thousand bucks somewhere, but don’t get your hopes up: the quality will not be great, and it may not look anything like the photos

We have the experience

So how do we know what to get? We’ve been selling sex dolls for years, through our partner site motsudolls.nl. This site was aimed at the Dutch and Belgian market. Over the years we have sold hundreds of dolls from many different brands. Seeing all these different types and getting feedback from our customers has allowed us to find the brands which give the most bang for your buck - and that’s who we sought out when we wanted to launch our MotsuDolls. This way, the MotsuDolls are produced by experienced workers, using great materials.
Our experience also allowed us to write our own manual, based on real-life experiences not just from us but also from dozens of customers.

Discreet shipping

We know how important your privacy is, and that’s why every step of the process is discreet, from payment to delivery. The box won’t have any pictures, logos or brand names on it, so you don’t have to worry about that.

In Short

If you’re looking for a lifelike sex doll with a stunning body and beautiful face, Sasha might be the perfect match for you. You can dress her up, pose her, throw her over your shoulder… And she’ll never say no.

Important: difference in ordering/delivery

Because we want to get your doll to you in the best condition possible, they are made to order. This way, they won’t be lying in a warehouse for weeks or even months. Keep the following in mind:

  • Delivery generally takes around 3 weeks
  • Please place a separate order if you also want to buy other items from our shop.
  • You cannot have your doll delivered to a parcelshop or pickup point because they refuse packages over a certain size/weight.

After you order, your doll will be made. When it is ready to be shipped out we will email you a tracking link.

Sex doll Sasha specifications

Standing height: 166 cms
Chest: 81 cms
Waist: 59 cms
Hip: 84 cms
Weight: 33 kgs
Material: TPE with metal skeleton

This doll has a removable vagina insert for ease of cleaning
This doll has metal nubs on her feet, so she can stand without damaging the soft material

Included with this doll:
Removable vagina
Basic cleaning and maintenance kit

Note: clothing and accessories pictured not included

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