Mugen ∞ Double insert hip

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Mugen ∞ Double insert hip

The Mugen is a hip masturbator from Love Factor, a Japanese brand which is relatively unknown in Europe.

The box looks amazing, the drawing of the girl with a big butt is inviting on the bright yellow box. The Mugen weighs 2.4 kg and measures 20 by 22cm.
The Mugen Double insert hip has a cameltoe vagina, where the outer labia covers the entrance and insides of this toy.

What makes the Mugen Onahip masturbator so special?

What is immediately striking about the Mugen is that it comes with two different inserts which you can put into the hip. When you take the Mugen out of the packaging one insert is already inside the hip and the other can be found sealed in the box.

The two inserts have a different softness. One of them is a little tougher and feels tighter, while the other is softer and has a less intense tunnel structure.

The Mugen hip-masturbator feels soft on the outside as all onahips do so she stays still during penetration. The Mugen allows you to take out the insert which makes cleaning very simple.

Inserts variations

The two inserts look a little different. The color of the softer version is lighter than the color of the harder version. On the image below you can see a cross section of the Mugen ∞ Double insert hip with the hard insert in it.

Mugen ∞ Double insert hip masturbator

The inserts are a little less than 13 cm long but they will stretch to accommodate longer lengths. The hole is a perfect size for the inserts, which means you won´t push them back during use. It is possible to insert other, smaller onaholes but they will probably stick out. 


Thanks to the removable inserts the cleaning of this masturbator hip is a lot easier than with most of the hips of more than 2 kg: you don’t need to hold the hip under the tap or shower, but you can simply take the insert out and clean it. The socket where the inserts go is wide enough to clean or dry when needed.


Length: 22cm long
Width: 20cm
Height: 11,5cm
Weight: 2,4kg

With the Mugen ∞ Double insert hip you have a masturbation hip with the characteristics of a normal onahip and the ease of cleaning of a small onahole.

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