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My Student Onahole

Toysheart ‘My Student’ is like the Virgin age, a fun onahole for a small amount. The tunnel of the Virgin Age ends in a point, the My Student does not so due to this it is a bit milder. But this onahole also is tight. Do you find the Virgin age a little too tight, then My Student is surely a handy recommendation.

Have you always dreamed of being a teacher and having sex with a twenty year old student? Then this is an onahole that plays in on your fantasy. On the packaging there is a naughty school girl with enormous breasts. She lifts up her skirt a little and she has already shoved down her wet panties a little, that is My Student.
In Japanese it is Boku no Seito :).

Toysheart - My Student’s Tunnel

The outside looks beautiful for a low-budget masturbator. When you push the full labia to the side you see a second opening.This round entrance ensures that your penis stays hard and that lube will not leak out of the onahole.

My Student Onahole

The part after the opening is covered in ridges, the last part before the end chamber has pleasant studs for a mild stimulation.
The end chamber at the end of the tunnel provides extra vacuum.

Tunnel My Student

The tunnel gives a mild stimulation, but because of the tightness and the vacuum this is a nice onahole. The tunnel has a length of 14cm and it is stretchable.

The outside feels nice to touch and it sits comfortably in the hand. Thanks to the durable Fine Cross material this masturbator last a long time. The Fine Cross material that Toysheart uses is famous for its smoothness and feels soft to the touch. And that it is stretchable, odorless and as good as oil free.


Length: 155mm
Length tunnel: 14cm
Weight: 255g
Material: Toysheart Fine Cross
Including a lubricant sample
Strong vacuum
Made in Japan

The My Student of Toysheart is a delicious and not too big onahole, that is nice and tight. If you love that the My Student absolutely is a good choice!

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length140mm
Product weight255gram