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Nature Lubricant will unfortunately not come back in stock.

Are you looking for something similar? If you liked Nature, we recommend KYO  as a replacement. This lube has a very similar consistency and comparable smell, taste and quality. 

Nature Lubricant

This lubricant comes straight from Japan, and it is a real must-haveJapanese lubricants are more concentrated and thicker than most other water-based lubricants.

The convenient little spout on the 300ml and 600ml bottle helps to apply the lube to the masturbator or artificial vagina.

Concentrated Lubricant:

Nature Lubricant is a thick and concentrated lube; it's a 'firm' lube. This is why it will stay longer inside the vagina or your sex toy.

What are the advantages of a thicker lube?
Other, thinner lubricants can leak from the toy, or be pushed upward as the penis enters the masturbator (be it a Fleshlight, Meiki, Fliphole, or any other masturbator). 

This will not happen with the thicker Japanese lubricant. Its structure is different, and somewhat stickier. Many of our customers prefer it this way

Nature Lubricant is effective for a long time and is of course odourless and tasteless. Additionally, Nature Lubricant is 100% safe for the skin and for internal use. Oral consumption is not a problem.

Because it is more concentrated than other lubricants, only a small amount is needed, which will last you a long time.

Nature lube This is why you should use Nature Lubricant:

- Nature does not leak or drip
- Very durable
- Highly concentrated
- Conveniently packaged
- Japanese design
- Available in a handy squeeze-bottle
- This lube is perfect for artificial vaginas, Tenga products, Fleshlights, and other sex toys 

Try this lubricant once, and you will never want any other!
Nature Lubricant comes in 4 sizes: 100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml and 600ml. 

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  1. The best? Review by Just another user

    This is by far the best lube I ever used. I still need to test some other japanese lubes but I would instantly buy this one if it was still available in 600ml bottles. Please make it happen! (Posted on 9/6/2017)

  2. Very good Review by Cyril

    Price, quality and great performance !
    Bon lubrifiant bien visqueux comme on aime en réalité, il est ni trop liquide ni trop épais, juste parfait. Inutile d'en mettre beaucoup, ce qui est un point fort, très économique, ça va durer longtemps !

    Thanks Motsu-toys ! (Posted on 7/20/2016)

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