Naughty fairy tales: Okazukin-chan


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Naughty fairy tales -OKAZUKIN CHAN-

What do you do when you're a cute little anime girl, frolicking through the woods and minding your own business, when a big bad wolf suddenly pops up? Pull your onahole out of your handbag and use it to subdue the predator, of course!

Simple yet effective onahole

Don’t mistake “simple” to mean “boring”: The Okazukin-Chan onahole has a fairly unusual inner structure, developed by the same creative minds who came up with an alternative version of the classic fairytale.

The tunnel diameter is about 15mm, but in practice it is a little narrower because of the long ridges running from the entrance all the way to the back. Not only are these ridges covered in countless massaging nubs, they also spiral around in the middle. The sensation this gives is hard to describe, but it might leave you light-headed in the best way possible!

On ToysHeart’s characteristic chart the Okazukin-Chan is on the border between blue and orange. That means it is fairly wide, but still stimulating.

Okazukin-Chan in short

Affordable but not boring, this budget onahole is sure to leave the big bad predator in you satisfied!

Naughty fairy tales: Okazukin-chan specs

Onahole length: 16 cms
Tunnel Length: 14.5 cms
Tunnel width: 1.5 cms
Weight: 175 grams
Brand: ToysHeart

Additional Information

  1. Good for the price Review by Momo

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap, portable and easy to hide onahole.
    The onahole is soft, doesn't smell bad and the stimulations are pretty good giving the fact that your grip strength will determine the level of stimulation you will get. Doesn't use up a lot of lube, very easy to clean and cheap, it's a really good alternative to just using your hands to wank. (Posted on 7/27/2020)

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