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ToyHeart's Nekomata Musume - Simple but unique Catgirl Onahole

The Nekomata Musume is another fantasy onahole made by ToysHeart. Made with the 'Virgin Skin' material, this popular pocket pussy has already sold over 200,000 copies! Not only is the character a cute catgirl, the interior of the tunnel is also inhumanly amazing.

The two tailed cat Pocket Pussy

As part of the Apparition series, the Nekomata Musume is based on the Nekomata folklore. This little cat is going through heat, so her instinct is telling her to leave behind an offspring, so this Nekomata is looking for someone to mate with. Once she has found a suitable mate like you, prepare yourself! This hungry uterus is so desperate to get impregnated that it will suck you so hard, it will like your spirit is getting sucked out.

Cat girl sex toy for men Nekomata onahole

Nothing wrong with a plain and simple exterior, which is truly what you get with the Nekomata Musume. This way, you can be sure that the designers really put their focus on the interior tunnel of this pocket pussy. Nevertheless, the exterior still makes use of a design that holds nicely in the hands with its grooves, so you won’t need to worry about that. The entire onahole is made with the Virgin Skin material, meaning that it will actually feel very nice as well.

As is visible on the ToysHeart’s Characteristic Graph of this product, The Nekomata Musume has a slight tendency towards the tight and firm material, meaning that each of the textures and shapes can be properly felt and that the overall sensation is pretty intense. You will experience this from the get go as the entrance has a unique design of peculiar shapes. This specially designed entrance does not only feel unique as you try to enter it, but it also makes it really easy to put in the lubrication.

The onahole in heat

The interior of the tunnel is sure to surprise you with its alternating tunnel structures. The first type of structure that you will encounter is the Coiling section. The two coiling sections draw you in deeper and deeper while allowing the lubrication to also flow in deeper. The second type of structure is the big sudden beads-like bumps along the way. Twist the onahole around and let these paw pads stroke you on different parts of your shaft or glans.

The real banger greets you at the end of the tunnel: a tight cervix which you can enter! The level of tightness of this cervix is sure to drive your glans wild as you pass through. But the fun doesn’t stop there, because the small uterus has also been especially designed so that there’s a big nub that you can hit with your tip. This final stimulation will do the trick along with everything else along the way, so you can be sure that this pocket pussy will make you come.

Taking care of your Nekomata Musume

While cats like to clean themselves, the Nekomata Musume does need some help in that department. After having fun with her, be sure to properly clean the inside of the tunnel so that you can continue to use her without worry. Be sure to check out our pocket pussy cleaning products so that you can easily clean her. While you are at it, be sure to also check out our personal lubricant options.

Nekomata Musume in short

The Nekomata Musume is a light pink onahole with a unique entrance design which makes it easier for lubrication to get in. The tunnel also makes use of alternating internal structures and has a tight enterable uterus. As part of ToysHeart’s Apparition series, it is designed based on the Nekomata Folklore.

Weight: 247gr
Length: 16,5cm
Width: 5cm
Tunnel length: 15cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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