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Onahole Cleaning Sponge

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On these pages we have collected some items for you which will make your life with an onahole easier, cleaner and all-around better. To keep things orderly we have split them into several categories:

Sex Toy Warmer

Pocket Pussy Cleaning

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It’s no one’s favourite part, but cleaning your pocket pussy is something you can’t get around. The basic cleaning process has two important steps: washing and drying.

  • Washing your onahole: when washing your sex toy, lukewarm water will get you quite far. However, using a toy cleaner can help ensure that everything is really clean. If you’d rather not use your fingers to scrub the inside you can also grab some cleaning sponges.
  • Drying your onahole: drying your sex toy well before putting it away is very important: bacteria love dark, damp spots. Depending on your onahole’s texture, drying them well can be a little challenging. We have several types of drying sticks that can help with this. Microfiber drying sticks have washable covers and are a little cheaper. Quick drying sticks are made of compressed diatomaceous earth, which means their smooth surface slides in easily and it won’t leave behind lint. Of course both types are reusable.

Sex Toy Warmer

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Do you want a more lifelike experience with your onahole? An easy way to make them feel like a real hot pussy is by using a sex toy heater. These usually connect to a USB port and heat your toy up to body temperature within a couple of minutes. A larger toy might need a little longer. The warmers we sell have a thermostat in them, which keeps them from getting so hot that they damage or melt the material.

The best way to use a sex toy heater is by first applying some personal lubricant to your sex toy.

Renewing Powder

Check out our Renewing Powder >>>

If you don’t know what it does, renewing powder might seem like an unnecessary addition, but it actually serves several very real purposes:

  • It restores the soft feeling of your onahole: after using and cleaning your onahole several times, it won’t feel as soft as it did when it came out of the box. Especially with softer, squishier materials this can be very noticeable. A light dusting of powder fixes this.
  • Renewing powder keeps your onahole from being sticky, which means it won’t get as dirty. With a layer of powder, dust, hair and dirt won’t stick to it nearly as much.
  • It prolongs the life span of your onahole. The powder slows the speed at which your onahole “leaks” oil. This oil leaking is the main reason why the onahole material becomes more brittle and easier to tear over time.

Smell Fetish Perfumes

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sex toy storage sack

The more senses you involve, the more tantalizing the experience becomes. Some senses are obvious: the sex toy’s soft material and texture take care of “touch”, your hearing can be stimulated by hentai or by hearing yourself slam into an onahip’s round ass, and for sight you can either look at your onahole’s design or grab some hot animations or illustrations. But what about smell?

Smell is a surprisingly powerful tool to unlock your imagination… Have you ever caught a whiff of something, and were instantly reminded of that holiday you took years ago? Smell fetish perfumes release scents which awaken the most primal parts of your brain.

Some smell fetish perfumes have conventionally sexy smells, like the slightly soapy smell of a girl who just got out of the shower, or the way her wet, aroused pussy smells. Others are a little more niche, like the smell of worn shoes or armpits - perfect if you have a specific fetish!

Sex Toy Storage 

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You could just toss your onahole in the back of a drawer, but if you want it to keep looking and feeling good, you might need to take a little more care with storage. Thankfully, that’s very easy. Three requirements for storage:

  • Breathable material: leftover moisture after cleaning or condensation from the air can create a perfect environment for microorganisms
  • Protection from UV light: sunlight can cause the material to degrade over time
  • Lint-free: because no one wants their onahole to be covered in lint.

Our sex toy storage sacks have all those points covered perfectly!

renewing powder