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HotPowers Maintenance Powder

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Using renewing powder is an essential step when you clean sex toys. Using the right maintenance powder has several important benefits:

  • More pleasant feeling: a layer of renewing powder will make the outside of your onahole feel soft and smooth instead of sticky. Especially if you have thoroughly washed your onahole the original coating might have worn off and the powder makes a huge difference.
  • Stays clean for longer: because your pocket pussy is less sticky dust, lint and hair won’t stick to it as easily. In the long run this saves time and energy!
  • Prolongs pocket pussy lifespan: a layer of renewing powder will reduce the rate at which oil leaks out of the onahole. When oil is lost the onahole not only shrinks a little but also becomes more susceptible to damage.

Picking the right renewing powder for your pocket pussy

While some sites recommend using cornstarch to coat your onahole there are serious concerns that this can act as a feeding ground for bacteria and mold, especially when humidity is high. This is why we have chosen not to offer this option at Motsutoys.

All the powders we offer are high quality, body safe and of course finely milled - you don’t want your pocket pussy to feel like sandpaper. The main difference is in the method of application: the maintenance powder can be packed in a small jar, a bottle with a shaker, or even a spray that disperses a fine cloud of powder over your onahole.

How to use renewing powder on onaholes

After you clean a pocket pussy, spread a thin layer of renewing powder over the outside. You can use your hands for this, but a soft (make up) brush can make it even easier to get good coverage.

There is no need to apply maintenance powder on the inside of your onahole.