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Smell of the Girls' Toilets

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Masturbation is best if you engage all your senses: watch some hentai and listen to the moans while you use your favourite onahole. But have you ever considered using smell to make the experience even more intense and bring your fantasies to life?

Smell fetishes: pussy, armpits and all the rest

A smell fetish perfume can be used to make using an onahole more realistic, for example when you use one which smells like pussy, soap or perfume. This smell adds another layer to your fantasy, evoking the image of a beautiful woman.

However, there are many more kinds of smell fetish, some more common than others. Someone’s body smell is intensely personal and intimate; and while some dislike it for many it is a turn on. A strong smell can be a real turn-on for some: body odor and dirty underwear smell fetish perfumes are among our best sellers. Smell fetishes can also be associated with something else; a fetish for shoes or high heels can be linked to liking the smell of sweaty feet, for example. Tamatoys is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to developing and producing smell fetish scents.

How to use smell fetish perfumes

  1. Find something to apply the fetish smell to. While you can apply it directly to your onahole or pocket pussy, it often works better on something else. If you’re using an onahips you could put panties on it, for example. You can also apply some to a dakimakura or regular pillow case.
  2. It’s best to start with a very small amount and add more if it isn’t enough, as larger amounts may be overwhelming and unpleasant. The fetish smells we stock at Motsutoys are very concentrated.
  3. Give it a minute: the smells contain some volatile components which will quickly evaporate
  4. Enjoy! Indulge however you prefer.

Do you have any questions about smell fetish perfumes? Feel free to contact us