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Onahole Maintenance Stick


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27 Sep 2018 - 01 Oct 2018

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Onahole maintenance stick

Cleaning onaholes is quite possibly the least fun part of owning them. While we can’t make it any more fun, we can absolutely make it easier!

As you may know, drying your onaholes well after washing them is very important. If the inside isn’t cleaned and dried well, there’s a chance mould will form, which means you’ll have to throw your onahole away.

This small maintenance set will make drying the inside well much easier. Simply slide one of the four covers onto the stick and gently push it inside your onahole’s tunnel. Move it around a bit and give it some time to absorb the water. If necessary, repeat this with a new cloth cover. 

+ Four drying covers, which can be swapped easily
+ The covers can be washed and re-used
+ The fabric is soft and will not damage your onahole
+ The fabric is sewn, not glued, and will last a long time
+ Will not leave lint/fibers
+ 15 cm insertable length is enough for nearly all onaholes

Total length: 30 cm
Length of drying cloth: 15 cm

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Brand MotsuToys