Onahole Maintenance Stick


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Onahole maintenance stick

Cleaning onaholes is quite possibly the least fun part of owning them. While we can’t make it any more fun, we can absolutely make it easier!

As you may know, drying your onaholes well after washing them is very important. If the inside isn’t cleaned and dried well, there’s a chance mould will form, which means you’ll have to throw your onahole away.

+ Four drying covers, which can be swapped easily
+ The covers can be washed and re-used
+ The fabric is soft and will not damage your onahole
+ The fabric is sewn, not glued, and will last a long time
+ Will not leave lint/fibers
+ 15 cm insertable length is enough for nearly all onaholes

How to dry your onahole with maintenance sticks

Your first instinct may be to repeatedly shove these drying sticks into your onahole, like you're scrubbing a bottle. This, however, is not particularly effective, and may even damage your onahole.

The best way to use these onahole drying sticks is to push one inside as far as it will go and gently massage the onahole around it. Squeezing and rolling the onahole will force the moisture out of the little crevices, and the absorbent cloth will suck it in. If you have a masturbator with a hard outer shell, simple leaving the stick in for a couple of minutes and gently pushing it from side to side will work as well.

Once your absorbent sleeve becomes moist, you might want to switch to a new, dry one.

Total length: 30 cm
Length of drying cloth: 15 cm

Additional Information

  1. Makes cleaning and drying toys so much easier Review by Liche

    Essential item for keeping your toys clean and dry. A bit pricey though, but if you're lazy like me you will buy it instead of crafting your own stick. (Posted on 3/23/2019)

  2. Simple & Clean Review by Dolce

    Yeah, you could definitely make these yourselves but it is worth the hassle? It's really useful, makes cleaning way easier perfect for any toys, and water absorption is also quite good. (Posted on 2/24/2019)

  3. Perfect for maintenance Review by Delta

    You get a stick and multiple soft fabric covers that simple slide over the top of it. Once inserted into a clean onahole they allow you to dry out the majority of the water allowing it to dry quicker and store better. Perfect for drying while avoiding excess damage from stretching or even mould developing for moisture.
    A must buy for helping to maintain your onaholes. (Posted on 2/23/2019)

  4. Simple but useful Review by matteo

    Probably you are overpaying it but it is very useful to use to clean the onaholes (Posted on 1/11/2019)

  5. Definetly makes the cleaning a little bit easier Review by Kinta

    As you all know this are just so microfiber covers and a wooden stick. So you could just use a little towel and could put it on a pen. But here you get 4 covers, a wooden stick and you can place it near your toys and only use it for them. The covers absorb water quite good and the price is ok, too. (Posted on 12/9/2018)

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