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What is a masturbation cup?

During the onahole design process there are dozens of decisions that affect the final look and feel of the product, but one of the most important decisions the designers face is that of onahole versus onacup. While the distinction isn’t completely clear-cut, the simple explanation is that onacups have a hard outer shell while onaholes have a soft and flexible outside. 

What's the difference between an onacup and a masturbation cup?

The two terms can be used interchangeably, but usually onacup is used specifically for Japanese masturbation cups, while masturbation cup is a broader term. The "ona" in onacup comes from the Japanese term for masturbating, onanī, and it's also used in onahole and onahip

Why pick a masturbation cup?

Masturbation cups have several benefits when compared to regular onaholes.

  • Not like your hand: The first and perhaps most obvious advantage an onacup holds is that you can’t feel your fingers when using it like you might with other toys. When you’re using a sex toy you generally do so because you don’t want it to feel like it’s just your hand, right?
  • Stronger outside means more suction: a much sought-after feature in pocket pussies is suction. The suction is created because the material tries to spring back into its original form when you pull back a little, but because no air can enter the onahole a slight vacuum is formed, sucking you back in. This effect tends to be stronger with onacups thanks to their rigid outer structure.Onacup masturbation cup
  • Safe and sanitary storage: an onacup has built-in packaging: it doesn’t need to be put in a box to keep it from being squished, nor does it need to be put in a sex toy storage to keep dust and hair at bay.
  • Discreet: most cup masturbators are as discreet as you can get with male sex toys: a plain outside hides what’s inside. At a glance, it can easily be mistaken for a bluetooth speaker or shower gel.

Onacups as a Fleshlight alternative 

Technically speaking a Fleshlight is a type of onahole, but Fleshlights have made such a name for themselves that they are often seen as a separate category.

To explain why Fleshlights have become so popular you need to know a little historical background - we promise we’ll keep it short! For many years there was a big focus on sex toys for women in the West while the use of male sex toys was hypocritically much more taboo. Meanwhile, in Asia and especially Japan, the reverse was true: the market for male sex toys bloomed, while women were told using sex toys was unappealing.

Seeing a gap in the market when the taboo in the West started to lift, Fleshlight launched their product line and it became a huge success. While they are great toys, there is one issue many people have with them: the lack of variety. There are some different designs, but it pales in comparison to the wide variety available in Japan.

At Motsutoys we import several Fleshlight alternatives, ranging from small onacups to large, reusable ones which generate an extra-strong vacuum or have an entry on both sides. If you’re looking for a fleshlight alternative, this category is a good place to start!

Cleaning your masturbation cup

Cleaning your masturbation cup or onacup isn’t very different from cleaning a regular onahole. The main difference is that you usually take the soft interior out of the hard shell. It is important to dry everything well after cleaning it, since trapped moisture can allow mold or bacteria to grow. If you want to get everything you need to keep your onacup clean and fresh, check out our pocket pussy cleaning products .