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We can’t decide what’s the best thing about this mini-hip: the beautiful realistic curves, or the tunnel design. This toy has two different tunnels with completely different structures, so you can switch back and forth between the two.


The MIC comes in a stylish, sturdy box. The girl on the front is wearing nothing but a uniform top and a pair of panties, both see-through enough to reveal the sexy body underneath. She smiles at you invitingly, knowing exactly how irresistible she is!

The other sides of the box feature some clear pictures of the product, as well as a cut-through showing the vaginal and anal tunnel. The MIC itself is packaged safely inside a soft plastic bag to protect it from dust and dirt.

Realistic curves

ondo mic tunnel

This mini-hip measures just over 14 cm from top to bottom, though the stretchiness of the material ensures you can still use it if you’re a little longer than that. It weighs about 615 grams, and the material is fairly firm. It can definitely be used with one hand, but there’s also room enough to use it dual-handed if you prefer.

This mini-hip masturbator feels soft to the touch and doesn’t have a strong smell. It is firm enough to hold its shape well, but not so firm that it’s unpleasant or overstimulating.

The MIC is highly detailed, with a narrow waist, a round ass, a shapely belly and a realistic pussy and asshole. Everything’s there: the inner labia, outer labia, clitoris and clitoral hood are all moulded in detail.

Two unique tunnels

You’ll have a hard time picking which of these tunnels to fuck first! Both openings have several different areas with well-defined textures.

The pussy starts off fairly mild, with a stretchy opening and a fairly roomy area just beyond. A large bump pushes at you from the top, and once you’re all the way inside this bump will press against the base of your shaft, providing pleasant pressure. The MIC’s pussy then tightens around you, narrowing to a narrow gate, with ribbed pleasure bumps gliding past you from the top and bottom. The final part of the tunnel has large ridges that swirl around and culminate in a intense end chamber.

The ONDO!MIC’s ass starts with a nice, tight entrance. The tunnel wraps itself around you with organically shaped folds and bumps, before leading you to an end chamber that’s covered in fairly large nubs. Thanks to the tight entrance, which form a tight seal around you, you can get a good vacuum going here! Squeeze out the air before you enter, and the MIC will suck you back in with every thrust.

Switch it up

The two different tunnels make the ONDO!MIC incredibly versatile. If you’re a fan of edging, use the most intense tunnel until you’re close, then switch to the milder tunnel. Flipping the mini-hip upside down gives you different stimulation, too, as the bumps and ridges will hit you in different places.

To summarize...

The ONDO!MIC is a beautifully designed and versatile toy. The two tunnels have very different designs, and by switching between the two you'll keep enjoying this toy! 


Onahole weight: 615 grams
Onahole length: 14.1 cm
Onahole width: 10.6 cm
Onahole depth: 8.4 cm
Material: TPE
Includes free 15 ml lube sample
Made by ONDO JP

Additional Information

BrandVarious brands
  1. Very nice Review by GreyZeta

    Both holes feel very good. The outer sculpting is also very nice.
    It's quite big and when I first used it, I couldn't really find out how best to hold it, so I switched between holding it with one and two hands. But it didn't take long to get used to it, and now I can hold it with one hand just fine. But If you want to add a little extra pressure, by squeezing it, I find it easier to do with both hands. (Posted on 4/7/2019)

  2. Really nice and affordable! Review by Dolce

    Really nice product, that one was a good surprise. The material used is pretty soft, doesn't smell horrible like magic eyes toys on opening and has a pretty nice weight to it. Oh and the details are really good, the toy is stimulating to begin with but those makes it even better! Definitely highly recommanded (Posted on 2/24/2019)

  3. mini hip Review by Den

    stimulating and its nice like the ONDO! NUPU seems to last for a while. I can recommend this onahole. If the ONDO! MOCO comes out im sure i will get it too. Both tunnels feel good. (Posted on 11/17/2018)

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