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ONDO!NUPU 2 - Two amazing onaholes in one

After the NUPU's great success ONDO designed a second improved version. Even more beautiful and realistic than the first, this dual stroker is a must-have! Whether you’re looking for your first onahole or enjoyed the first NUPU and want something that’s as good but a little different, this little toy won’t disappoint.

oral sex toy for blowjob onahole

Double sided onahole with a new, innocent-looking pussy

While the ONDO 1's pussy had delicate inner and outer labia and even included a clitoral hood, this new design has a puffy cameltoe style pussy, where the small inner labia are hidden by the soft, puffy outer labia. Sliding between these puffy lips feels great, especially if you add a little water-based lube to the outside as well.The ONDO!NUPU 2 has two entrances, one on each side. The front has a beautifully shaped mouth, the full lips curved up in a slight smile. When you push the sides of the onahole the mouth opens slightly, inviting you in. This design is very similar to the first ONDO double onahole.

Having a double-sided onahole allows you to enjoy the feeling of two different onaholes while only needing one. Switching between the two tunnels is quick and easy, and you won’t need to keep two separate pocket pussies heated and lubed up. Since the mouth and pussy deliver very different stimulation switching between the two sides is an easy way to keep it fresh.

Oral onahole: the perfect blowjob sex toy 

The oral sex tunnel had a little facelift as well. The first part is pretty much unchanged - you don't mess with perfection! The lips are still as luscious and inviting as they used to be, and the teeth still add that little bit of realism. Being sandwiched between the flexible tongue and ridged palate feels as amazing as it did the first time. But from there, things change: a uvula has been added for a more realistic experience. More importantly, the tightening ring has been placed a little further back and now aligns with the start of the throat better. The throat itself bends downwards a little, just like a real throat. The rest of the tunnel is lined with gently stimulating nubs and ridges, and when you push through the second tightening real it almost feels like her throat muscles are gently squeezing you.

Cute pussy with two tightening rings

There are several ways to make a pocket pussy feel tight: you can make the tunnel very narrow or use a material that doesn’t stretch much, for example. According to many, tightening rings are among the best ways to make a tight, stimulation pocket pussy: the firmer rings are embedded in softer material, so it feels like muscles lying underneath a layer of tissue. That said, the ONDO!NUPU 2 isn’t so tight that you’ll have a hard time penetrating her: it’s stimulating, but not restrictive.

This onahole has a fairly realistic design compared to the first edition: it has subtle folds and small bumps instead of the clunkier pleasure bumps the first version had. Furthermore, the rings have been placed closer to the pussy side, making it possible to feel both of them wrapped around your cock at once. Pushing all the way in and then gently rolling or twisting the onahole around you feels almost magical!

oral sex toy for blowjob onahole cut through

Incredibly easy to clean

Thanks to the tunnel that runs all the way through (also called a “through-hole” design) cleaning the NUPU 2 is very easy: just run some lukewarm water through it to get rid of the lube and fluids. Be sure to clean it properly and dry it well before you put it away - if you want to read more, check out our cleaning page.

The ONDO!NUPU 2 Summary

As good as the first edition, this second one is still different enough to stay interesting. The changed ring placement and more realistic tunnel design feel great, and the new labia design is very well done. Being able to enjoy two such good tunnels at such a low price is a deal you shouldn’t pass on!

ONDO!NUPU 2 Product Specifications

Onahole length: 19 cms
Height: 7.4 cms
Onahole weight: 458 grams
Made by ONDO

Additional Information

  1. Great thing Review by André

    Great value, feels good and is easy to clean. (Posted on 9/6/2020)

  2. Has it all Review by Carlos

    Has a great price, provides good stimulation and is both fast and easy to clean. (Posted on 7/22/2020)

  3. Good value Review by Örn

    Both sides feel great and adds lots of variety. Open end design makes it easy to clean and dry. (Posted on 6/20/2020)

  4. Pretty good Review by Cuckadillo

    Good value, only wish it was slightly bigger overall, also feels not very soft inside, wish is the only downside for me, definitely unlike a fleshlight. (Posted on 4/21/2020)

  5. Good variety for the price Review by Ling Ling

    This is my first onahole so take what I say with a grain of salt... But this feels very good (particularly for the price) and offers a good bit of variety with the 2 openings. I would strongly recomend this to others :) (Posted on 4/18/2020)