Only you 02 Tsuki Naru Air doll

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Only you 02 Tsuki Naru Air doll

The blow up doll or inflatable doll from NPG is a doll where you can put in an onahole. There is a corresponding onahole available for order along it.

The Tuski Naru blow up doll is in the position that we call the doggy style. So an on her hands and knees sitting doll.

This transparent doll is naturally very light and easy to store. The corresponding onahole fits in well, you can read more about this on this page.

You can of course put in other onaholes in the doll.

Why should I buy a blow up doll?

A regular blow up doll does not offer a lot of stimulation. The tunnel of these dolls are only pvc that provide very light pressure, depending on how hard you blow her up.

The onahole gives you more stimulation and a nicer feeling. The tunnel has curves and nubs for a realistic feeling.

Only you 02 Tsuki Naru Air doll

If you combine the doll with an onahole, you have hands free sex and masturbating actually becomes just fucking, with this doll. It is another motion, you contract different muscles, which makes it a totally different experience than just moving up and down with an onahole.

The onahole on the image is not included, it can be ordered separately.

Dimensions Only you 02 Tsuki Naru Air doll

Height when she sits on her knees: 81cm
Chest: 91cm
Waist circumference: 53cm
Hip circumference: 87cm

The packaging is 23 x 17 x 7cm big and the Only you 02 Tsuki Naru Air doll weighs 562 gram

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