Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll

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Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll will never let you go.

The Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll is a special blow up doll. Most blow up dolls lay before you, in a position; ‘with their legs spread and on their backs’. There are also dolls that are in the ‘doggy’ position, the doggy style.

If you want something else, then the Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll is a very fun doll, she holds onto you with her arms and legs, as if she will never let you go.

Okochi Alisa Air Doll

She crosses her legs around your waste and her arms around your neck. This gives you the opportunity to firmly grab her hips and penetrate her hard.

Penetrating is with the Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll also a lot better than with ‘the regular sex dolls’. With the famous standard sex dolls you feel little stimulation. You just push the walls aside that are pushed together by the air inside the doll. Those walls are smooth and so give very little stimulation, unless you are 14 years old and cum very fast.

A good combination

This blow up doll series is from N.P.G. the brand that is famous for their good onaholes, like the Meiki serie. And with these blow up dolls you can insert an onahole. There is even a specially made onahole for this doll, that fits perfectly. This is the Virgin Hole 03 Okochi Alisa, it is not delivered along with the doll.

Of course you can also use other onaholes in the Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll.

la Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air Doll

An onahole feels many times better than the plastic from the blow up doll. Not only does the material feel softer and nicer, the tunnel is also made to give you Pleasure (with a capital letter P).

The tunnel in the corresponding onahole is double layered and has a hymen! Note: The onahole which is talked about in this page, is not included in the product. But of course you can order it separately.

The best of both worlds

You may be asking yourself: If those onaholes you described are so good, why would I buy a doll with it?
Firstly because you contract other muscles and it feels more like real sex instead of just masturbating with an onahole in your hand. You contract other muscles and make ‘fuck-motions’ which in itself also contributes to a better orgasm.

Besides you can do this fun position and of course you can also place her on her hands and feet, and take her doggy style.

In short, more variation and a better experience.

Dimensions of the Only you 03 Okochi Alisa Air doll

Height when sitting 84cm 
Her chest circumference is 91cm
Her waist is 53cm
and her hips are 87cm
Weight: 424 gram

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