Prostate massage

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Have you discovered your prostate yet? This incredibly sensitive spot can give you deeper, longer and more intense orgasms than ever before.

Do you want better orgasms? Get to know your prostate!

Also called the P-spot, or male G-spot your prostate is a gland the size of a walnut which hides out just below your bladder, next to your rectum. It is an incredibly sensitive spot, where many nerves come together. Even a gentle massage of the perineum can heighten your pleasure, but using a specially designed anal toy is the best way to stimulate it: vibrations and pressure stimulate this secret erogenous zone and will lead to an amazing climax!

Best prostate massage toys for beginners

Some men are a little hesitant to get into anal play, but there’s no need: with the right toy, plenty of personal lubricant and a couple of deep breaths it’ll be much easier than you imagined. If you haven’t had anything up your butt before we recommend you start with a toy with a smaller diameter. You don’t need anything thick to stimulate your prostate.

Most prostate massagers are not made to thrust in and out. Instead, you leave them in place and they vibrate, and some luxury models even have a head that spins or pulsates. Of yours you can also gently wiggle it a little with your hand - take it slow and figure out what works for you!

Prostate massage with or without penis play? prostate massage

So if a prostate massage by itself is already great, how much better would it be if your dick gets stimulated at the same time? Combining the two types of stimulation is one of the most pleasurable ways for men to masturbate.

Thankfully many of our prostate toys are hands-free and will stay in place thanks to a narrower area which your sphincter grabs onto. This frees up your hands to use an onahole. However, if you want to go completely hands-free you can grab a bigger sex toy like an onahips or sex doll torsoo and lie on top of it in bed, humping it.

The importance of safe toys for anal play and prostate massage

Once you know how much pleasure prostate can bring it’s easy to let curiosity get the better of you - but please, don’t go for that cucumber, banana, candle, bottle, vibrator or anything else not intended for anal use. Not only can they have sharp edges or be unhygienic, they can also get “sucked up” and stuck in your butt, quickly moving so far up that you’ll need to go to the hospital to get it removed.

If you want to experience prostate massage you can use your fingers or a toy that’s made for it. Prostate massage toys don’t only have a wider base so they can’t get sucked up your ass, they also have a shape that’s perfect for hitting the exact right spots.

Prostate massagers: will you let your orgasms be even better?

In short, using a prostate massager gives almost all men longer, harder and better orgasms - and who doesn’t want that? A prostate massager has the perfect shape and stimulation to help you reach new heights.