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Penis Pumps for Erectile Support

Penis pumps can be used for various purposes but they are most commonly used in cases of erectile dysfunction, for which they are a very good aid.

When a man is unable to get or maintain an erection stiff enough for sex this is called erectile dysfunction. There are various possible causes for this. It could be a psychological issuebut erectile dysfunction is usually caused by physical problems.

  • Excessive use of alcohol, drugs, nicotine
  • The use of certain medication (for example, medication used for the treatment of MS and Parkinson's disease)
  • Erectile dysfunction is also common with men who struggle with diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure.
  • And of course old age is one of the most common causes, as our bodies produce less hormones such as testosterone as we get older.

Erectile dysfunction is more common than people think: approximately 10% of the men younger than 60 years old are affected and 30% of those over 60.

Enhancing your erection with a Penis Pump

A cylinder is placed over the penis, and air inside it is sucked out, either manually or mechanically. This creates a vacuum that allows for a freer flow of blood to the penis, creating an erection. This is how the penis pump solves erection problems.

But because of the penis pump, the erection will also be fuller and bigger. The penis has sponge-like parts that hold the extra blood, called the corpora cavernosa. Repeated use of the penis pump makes them adapt to the new dimensions. This means that over time, the natural erection (without help of the pump) will be larger and fuller.

The third purpose of using a penis pump is what is called penis fitness. By regularly creating erections with the penis pump, you are training your best friend to respond quicker and stay hard longer, which improves your sexual performance.

When the penis pump is used regularly, your spontaneous erections at night will also be larger and harder. Shrinkage occurring at a later age is reversed, and blood circulation is restored.

In conclusion, a penis pump helps you to (re)gain a healthy and well-functioning penis.

Training with the Penis Pump

As described above, you train the penis by creating a vacuum around it and letting your dick fill up with blood. Let the corpora cavernosa swell with blood and stretch out. The penile tissue remains healthy and is supplied with oxygen.
The results of your training will be clearly noticeable after four weeks already.