Penis Sleeve Extreme – Thick Nubs

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Penis Sleeve Extreme - Thick Nubs

The Thick Nubs Penis sleeve is covered from bottom to the top with thick nubs. The sleeve is meant to be used over the penis or vibrator.
Due of that your penis is much thicker. Because the material is stretchable, the penis sleeve stays in its place.

The material the sleeves are made out of, are the same as where the onaholes from Kokos are made out of, so it feels nice and soft and is not extremely stretchable. The inside is smooth and does not have stimulating nubs, but stays around the penis well.

How do you use the Penis Sleeve?

You put the Thick Nubs sleeve on when the Penis is hard. You roll the underside outwards until the top. Then you roll it down like a sock over the shaft of the penis.

Thick Nubs Penis Sleeve

Without lube the sleeve stays on and your penis (depending on your size) almost fully covered. Use sufficient lubricant with your partner, apply it on the sleeve as well as on your partner.

Why use a sleeve?

There are a few reasons why you can use a sleeve.

Penis thickening and enlarging:

Because the sleeve is around 4mm thick, the penis will be considerably thicker when you wear the sleeve. Also the length will increase by about half a centimetre.

You can if you are created smaller, leave the top of the sleeve ‘unfilled, but then you have the chance that the top of the glans will fold in two during use. You can prevent this by putting in something solid, before you put on the sleeve.

Big Nubs Penis sleeve

Cum less fast

The penis sleeve makes it that you don´t experience any stimulation anymore, the penis after all is covered with a 4mm thick layer. No stimulation so you can go on very long. The penis stays in form due to the rigidness of the sleeve, so if you become a little softer it won´t be a problem. In another angle, you can still penetrate.

Your partner will, due to the much thicker penis and in combination with the nubs, come much quicker and harder. She will experience a more filled feeling and you don´t have to worry that you finish before her.

Besides that the Penis sleeves are also a fun change, they have different exteriors that each gives a different feeling to the receiver.


Cleaning the sleeve is super easy, just rinse it off under the tap with lukewarm water and some soap.
Wash the penis sleeve once before use and let him dry, you can potentially sprinkle on some talcum powder or corn starch to make it dry. The sleeve has a Kokos-onahole-scent when you open the packaging, this scent well disappear after a few times.

The dimensions of this Penis sleeve are 147mm x 43mm and the sleeve only weighs 70 grams.

Increase the self confidence of the man!
Increase the pleasure for the woman!
With the Kokos Penis Sleeves!

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