Penis Sleeves

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Our penis sleeves will bring that spark back into your sex life: with different materials and textures you and your partner will have fun like never before. These penis sleeves add a little girth and length to your penis, but also add unique stimulation thanks to the different textures.

Last longer in bed with a penis sleeve

If you want to pleasure your partner for a long time, a penis sleeve can help: because the stimulation is reduced, you will last much longer. Penis sleeves aren’t just for those who struggle with premature ejaculation: sometimes you just aren’t ready to end the fun yet and you want to last an hour instead of 30 minutes!

Thanks to the increased girth, length and texture you’ll be able to make your partner orgasm again and again - and you won’t have to worry about climaxing before he or she does!

How to use a penis sleeve

Our penis sleeves are made of a flexible, stretchy material that adjusts to your size. To put one one you roll it up like a condom and place it on the tip of your erect dick, rolling it down over yourself. (Note that penis sleeves may look like condoms but are not suitable for preventing STDs or pregnancy)

Penis Sleeves Designs

As mentioned before, penis sheaths come in various designs. They include:

Veins and nubs penis sleeve
As the name suggests, these types of penis sleeves contain veins and nubs on the exterior aspect. However, like other sleeves, the inside is structureless with a soft and fine finish.

The smooth bead penis sleeve
As the name suggests, it is a smooth model compared to other sleeve types. Unlike other sleeves with stimulating structures, the smooth bead sleeve contains only one big bump. It is lightly stretchable with a smooth inside thus stays in place when worn.

Thick nubs penis sleeve
This type of penis sleeve is covered with thick nubs from top to bottom. It can be used with the penis or a vibrator. Like other sleeves, it provides a good experience for those in need of longer, stronger, relatively hard and soft penetration.

Small spikes penis sleeve
The small spiked penis sleeve, as the name suggests has small spikes. This forms the basis of the stimulating structures experienced when using this type of sleeve. Like the thick nubs, this sleeve’s major additional source of pleasure is from the small spikes that provide immense stimulation.

Big veins
This type of sleeve is filled with big veins, unlike the veins and nubs type. Due to this, expect more girth, penetration strength and more stimulation.

How to use a penis sleeve
Using the penis sleeve is quite easy. You will have to roll the underside aspect outwards till it reaches the top. Following that, put it on and roll the sleeve down to cover the shaft of the penis.

Penis Sleeves Buyers Guide

Finding the perfect penis sleeve for purchase can be a daunting task. That said, here are some of the few questions, tips and considerations to take before settling for one of the sleeves.

  • Design and materials. As mentioned before, cock sleeves come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. The majority of the sleeves mentioned above are manufactured by Kokoo. Nevertheless, most sleeves are made from silicone or rubber and latex. Others have options of including a vibrator that enhances pleasure and stimulation.

  • The type. The models highlighted above fall in one of the two major types of penis sleeves. They include open ended and close ended types. The difference between the two is that the open-ended type leaves the head fully exposed. This is not the case with the close-ended. Open-ended not only increase the length and girth but also the glans stimulation.