Pepee Onahole Sperm Cleaner

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Description / Pepee Onahole Sperm Cleaner

Pepee Ultimate Hole Cleaner

This onahole cleaner is truly unlike any other! It isn’t a bottle of soap or wash, it is a special solution which encapsulates all the fluids and lets them slide out easily. This cooperation between G-Project and Pepee, both very popular brands, is a new step in onahole cleaning.

How to use

After use you simply spray some Pepee Ultimate Hole Cleaner inside. Squeeze it around a bit to spread it and let it do its work. Turn the onahole upside down above the sink and let everything come out. You’ll see that the cleaning fluid has bound to the lube and fluids inside and pulls everything out at once.

Once your onahole is clean, make sure to dry it well, as always. Push an absorbent cloth inside or use one of our special maintenance sticks.

As a final step you can dust the outside with some maintenance powder. Some onaholes need this more than others, but the moment it starts feeling sticky or tacky it’s a good idea to add a little powder. It will make the surface feel smooth and silky again, and keep dust and dirt from sticking to it.

Kills bacteria and odors

Among other things the Ultimate Hole Cleaner contains Silver Ions, which gets rid of bacteria. And fewer bacteria means fewer nasty smells. If you want to keep your onahole in great shape for longer, this is a great product!


Contents: 150 ml
Cooperation between G Project and Pepee
Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Very efficient
Review by JDA
Work very well at removing sperm, very practical and better than standard soap. Would be perfect with if the spray nozzle where a little bit longer to inject deeper into the toy
Best cleaning product
Review by OnaPro
Must buy product for cleaning onahole. I tended to overlook these before. This is much better than using hand soap. Helps a lot in cleaning your toys. Let it rest for some bit, and rinse with plenty of water. Has almost no smell at all, inhibits bad smells/bacteria.
A bit on the pricey side- but it still helps so much in cleaning, and the product lasts long, it’s worth every euro.
Review by 夜月半造
This is an absolute must for when you want to leave a mess inside an onahole! Just shake the bottle, squirt some inside the onahole afterwards and give it a minute. It even helps to clean away any lubricant too.

Bought it a while ago and I still have plenty, so lasts a while.
Efficient onahole cleaner
Review by UserA
Pepee onahole sperm cleaner is a good alternative to hand soap.It should be used after cleaning the hole with running water and let it the bubbles dry for a few minutes.You don't have to use a lot of product for cleaning which makes it a economical solution.Also, it doesn't leave any smell afterwards.
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