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Description / Pepee lubricant 360ml

Pepee lubricant

Pepee lubricant (also called PePe Lotion) is a brand that is one of the most popular lubricants in Japan for more than 20 years.

Pepee is a water based lubricant and is highly concentrated. Lubricant from Japan is a lot more concentrated than lubricant from European manufacturers. 
So you only need a small amount of it, it does not dry up quickly and it is extremely smooth. 
Pepee comes in a bottle of 360ml, so you can use it for a very long time.

The thickness of Pepee 360 is like many other Japanese lubricants reasonably thick.
In the image below you can see how thick it is.

Pepee Lubricant 

The biggest benefit of a thicker lubricant relative to a thin lubricant is that it stays on its place. Because Pepee has a high viscosity it does not drip out of the onahole or masturbator.

Pepee lubricant is naturally also suitable for sex with your partner.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Lubricant I've tried
Review by Kai
Tried this (as it was supposed to be the best one) and have absolutely no complaints! The bottle has plenty and it remains effective for a very long time. It's pretty fluid-y in the beginning but grows more and more jelly like over time, though it never dried out completely during all my sessions! Pretty much and longest lasting water-based one I've tried!
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Probably the best balance
Review by OnaPro
After trying many various different lubes throughout several years, the original pepee is still the most best balanced lube I’ve had. It’s best used in onaholes that tend to spill lube out. Pepee will stick more, so it won’t spill out. However it does start to dry out if you are having a longer session, so you will probably have to add more product. Also, the lube isn’t the slipperiest one. Wouldn’t recommend using this in a fellatio onahole. The cap/bottle is easy to use with one hand.
TLDR; Doesn’t make a mess. Not the best for longer sessions. Is not slippery enough for some onaholes. Best “balanced” lube to everyday use.
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The best
Review by Ben
This is the greatest lube I have ever tried with Japanese toys, easy to use, don't dries out and the feeling is excellent.
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Thick but good lotion
Review by JohnathanDoe
After reading so many reviews of this I bought one.
Many say that it is thick and I can most certainly agree, but for me I think it is little bit too thick.
So I simply thinned it with small amount of water and it was perfect.
Found no funny smell or anything of it.
Bottle cap is good and needs just a flip to open, thus making it easy to open.

Can recommend it for those who like their lube thick but others can just
thin it down a bit.
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Best Lube out there
Review by Sebastian
I tryed many Lubes but this one is still the best. Feels insanely good and is easy to clean.
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Top tier lube
Review by Liche
This and KYO lube are both very similar and awesome. Pepee lube is a tiny bit thicker. Lasts long, is odorless and feels great.
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Hands down the best lube I ever tried
Review by Kinta
I heard so many good things about the Pepee Lotion, that I had to try it myself. And yes this is the best lube when it comes to onahole play in my opinion. It is quite thick and slimy and mimics the likes of real love juice, which is produced by a woman really well. It doesn't dry out fast and so just a small amount of lube is needed per use. The bottle is easy to open and the design is so good, that you will have no problems getting the lube inside your onahole, without spilling it around. So no mess and an awesome feeling. What do you want more?
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Product weight 1.00 g

International Reviews

Pepee glijmiddelen
Review by Frank
Ik zou graag pepee glijmiddelen willen bestellen komt dat nog terug.
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prima glijmiddel
Review by Stephan
Grootte fles glijmiddel dat goed bruikbaar is door de dop
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Geweldig glijmiddel
Review by RdC
Vergeleken met 'westers' glijmiddel (elk ander glijmiddel dat ik ooit geprobeerd heb van de drogist of sex-shop) is dit echt een andere klasse. Het lijkt op het spul wat ze voor Nuru massages gebruiken; het is veel elastischer. Het droogt veel minder snel op en blijft erg lang goed glijden. Je hebt er veel minder van nodig dan ander glijmiddel. Een beetje van dit spul in je hand en je hebt een goede budget onahole!
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