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Description / Piston Sleeve #2 Anal

Piston Sleeve #2 Anal

Can't get enough of the KYO Piston? Neither can we! By using different sleeves with your sex machine you can completely change the kind of stimulation you get. 

Triple ring system

Sleeve #2 in this series is similar to the standard sleeve #1, but instead of the four bumps it has three thick, stimulating rings. The rest of the sleeve is covered with small ridges which give some delicious stimulation. Because the sleeve has different areas you can use it different ways. If you slide all the way into the Piston you will feel the rings grip around your shaft, sliding up and down as the Pistion pulses in its different patterns. For a different experience, slide only partially inside, so the rings glide over the sensisitive top of your cock and rub over the frenulum. This way you can tease yourself closer and closer to orgasm even on the slowest setting!

Easy to switch, easy to clean 


Replacing the Piston's sleeve is intuitive and easy: 

  1. Press the button near the entrance. The silver ring will pop open.
  2. Open the top completely
  3. Slide the black plastic that's wrapped around the sleeve back, releasing the lock. 
  4. Take the sleeve out. 
  5. Put the new sleeve in, making sure that the "wings" fit in the slots on the side
  6. Slide the lock in place
  7. Close the top and push the silver ring back on, making sure it clamps onto the front of the sleeve securely. 

To clean the sleeve, rinse it out thoroughly under the tap with lukewarm water and some mild soap or toy cleaner. Once it's clean, squeeze out as much water as possible. As a final drying step you can insert a soft, absorbent cloth to absorb the last drops of moisture. Once the sleeve is completely dry you can brush some maintenance powder on the outside to keep dust and dirt from sticking to it.  

More variety? Sure!

Want even more ways to enjoy youself? Get all three sleeves and you'll have an even greater number of possibilities: 3 speeds, 6 stimulation patterns and 3 different sleeves means you have 54 different options. 

  • Vagina sleeve (#1)
    A thin, flexible sleeve with four amazing bumps on the inside. 
  • Oral sleeve (#3)
    This delicious sleeve has thicker walls, which makes it squeeze tightly around you. 

Note: This sleeve is for use with the KYO Piston, which you have to buy separately.

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Product weight 250.00 g
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