PPP - Onaholes from PxPxP Japan


PPP is a well-known brand in Japan, though it is not yet sold very widely in Europe. They are one of the many sub-brands from Outvision, together with G-Project and EXE. They are aimed at the "otaku" market, for people who love anime art and the Japanese sense of style and design.

PPP products look beautiful and inviting from every side and when you first feel the material you will want to grab and squeeze it.

Many of PPP's products feature art of characters from so-called "eroge", or erotic games. These games aren't always widely available in Europe, and many can be unplayable if you don't speak Japanese - but it does mean you may be able to find more art of your favourite box-art girls!

Like many of Outvision's sub-brands, PPP pays special homage to the artists with a page on their website. Here you can view the box art without any text or graphics overlaid and you can also often find a link to the artists's own gallery if you enjoy their style.

Stimulating and unique onaholes

But enough about art! How do the PPP onaholes feel? The material is soft yet sturdy, and the tunnels are very well-designed. The ridges, ribs and bumps are very distinct, providing great stimulation as you thrust inside.

The products we have seen often come with some nice extras. For example, the Puni Fuwa Mochi comes with a 120 ml bottle of lube and a pair of panties to put on the onahip! Very thoughtful, and we always appreciate these kinds of extras.

PPPs onaholes are also packaged securely and come in a plastic inset which protects the toy during shipping and also makes storage very easy.

While some onaholes can smell a bit unpleasant when you first unpack them, PPP's material has a slightly sweet and very pleasant smell. Unpleasant smells will always evaporate after washing and airing the onahole a couple of times, but it's a great bonus to have a toy that smells so good right out of the box!

PPPs toys have great quality for the price and we hope to carry more of their products soon. Let us know if you've seen any you would want us to have in the store!

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