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Puni Ana DX

Small onaholes are nice, but they can never recreate the joy of grabbing a hip and feeling its weight against you. Want to know why you should buy the Puni Ana DX? Read on!

Beautiful art Puni Ana DX

The large pink box features EXE’s mascot, with her long blonde hair, large innocent eyes, flower crown and irresistible body. She’s lying on her back, wearing nothing but a small ribbon around her neck and offering herself to you, with her legs pulled towards her chest.

Do you wish you could see more delicious artwork like this? You can! The box contains a DVD with more artwork from the same artists, almost all loli themed.
If you are worried about the loli artwork posing a problem at customs: we ship directly from a warehouse in the Netherlands, so that means there will be no customs checks if you are also in the EU. If you are in the UK, Switzerland, Norway or the US, customs may check your order.

A well-made onahip

The “DX” in the name stands for “Deluxe”, and when taking the hip out of the packaging you’ll immediately understand why. Not only does it weigh a whopping 2.2 kilograms, the high-quality material also feels incredible to the touch. Squishy without being floppy, it feels almost like the real thing. The Puni Ana DX is shaped beautifully, with a narrow hip tapering into wider hips. She has a cute little butt, a soft belly with a detailed belly button and of course a very beautiful vagina and asshole. Her smooth cameltoe pussy is very inviting, and when you pull the outer lips apart you’ll see the smaller inner labia just behind.

Two excellent tunnels

The hip features two full-sized tunnels with different internal structures. Both feel amazing, not least of all because the thick walls mean that the material really pushes back against you. 

Pussy: The vagina starts off with the outer and inner labia sliding past you, the small space between them holding the lube and reapplying it with every stroke. Then an area with mildly stimulating ridges wraps around you, growing a little narrower as you push further. The next part of the tunnel is tight and winding, with round nubs caressing you from every side.

Ass: The anal tunnel starts of with a tight but stretchy asshole which will wrap around you, forming a seal around your member. The rest of the anal tunnel alternates between wider areas, lined with subtle ridges, and tighter areas which feel amazing to slide past.

At 22 cms, the Puni Ana DX is a very deep sex toy. The tunnels are so long that you probably won’t reach the very end, which will make you want to thrust harder and harder inside. Great if you don’t enjoy the feeling of the tip of your cock bumping into a “wall”. At the end, both tunnels merge together and go out the other side, which makes cleaning much easier. It also means that the Puni Ana DX won’t form a vacuum easily, unless you plug the hole at the end.

Having two tunnels means that you can swap between the two, bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm in the tighter tunnel, then switching to the milder one to cool down. There are many different ways to enjoy this hip: let her bounce up and down in your lap while you sit in a chair, lie on your bed and have her ride you cowboy-style or in a reverse cowboy position, or put the hip on the bed and push your weight down against her to penetrate her deeply. This is one onahole you won’t tire of easily!


More intense? Less intense?

Thanks to the Puni Ana DX’s popularity EXE has also produced a hard and soft (fuwatoro) version. For most people the regular will do just fine, but if you usually cum quickly and want to last longer the milder stimulation of the Puni Ana Fuwatoro might be better for you. If you have a hard time orgasming and most onaholes feel too loose or soft for you, the Puni Ana DX Hard will give you the intense stimulation you crave!

Cleaning the Puni Ana DX

Thanks to the “flushing hole” this onahip is relatively easy to clean. Flush water into the tunnels’ openings and everything will flush out the back., Rinse it out thoroughly, then squeeze out as much water as possible. Insert a clean absorbent cloth to absorb the last drops of moisture and the onahole is ready for the next use! If you want you can apply some maintenance powder to keep the outside soft and smooth. The plastic blister is definitely sturdy enough to keep storing the Puni Ana DX in.

In short….

A beautifully shaped hip with two very distinct tunnels which can be enjoyed in a lot of different ways. The beautiful art, gorgeously shaped outside and premium material make this an amazing hip.
As a cherry on top of the cake, EXE added a full-sized bottle of concentrated lube!

Puni Ana DX Properties

Total height: 22 cm
Total width: 21 cm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Material: TPE
Includes bottle of lube (100 ml)
Includes CD-ROM with extra art
Made by EXE

Additional Information

Brand EXE
Number of holes 2
Number of layers 1
Open/Closed Open
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure No
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 220mm
Product weight 2200gram
  1. So, so good. Review by Don

    I bought this a year ago and still get a couple of uses a week out of it.
    The weight is good, cleaning is simple (I recommend cutting 5cm-wide strips of microfibre cloth and feeding them through, leave 20 mins to dry and remove).
    The sensation is really good, though I found it to be too sensitive; if I tried to use it a second or third time in a 24 hour period I'd feel bruised. Quite bullying.
    I also bought the Fuwatoro (soft) version of this same toy, and recommend it, too, but found it to be much more sensitive and oily, though no pain after use.
    This is a seriously great hip and I'm not surprised it's as popular as it is. If you want to keep things simple and own just a single onahole, I think this is really the way to go. (Posted on 9/25/2019)

  2. Good hip Review by Fapperman

    The added weight adds to the experience. (Posted on 11/26/2018)

  3. good but too load Review by Jonathan

    this product is too loud and it so hard to stay in a good position with but his manufacturing is very good qualited. (Posted on 8/7/2018)

  4. Good product and best service Review by ThatGuy

    A really good hip, durable so far and little to no tearing, owning it for about 4 month.

    The orientation/shape of the pussy tunnel is a bit odd with more stimulation on the top and bottom than from the sides so using it in a "sideway" style feels a bit dull (obviously this is just a personal preference). I'd say its perfect for people with member around or below 7" (18cm) above that some peeking diglett effect may happen :)
    (Posted on 4/29/2018)