Puni Ana Warming Lubricant (HOT)


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Puni Ana warming lubricant 360ml

She’s back! EXE’s beloved blonde mascotte, Puni Ana, adds yet another product to her line of sex toys for men. This bottle of lubricant has a warming effect, making your session even more enjoyable.

Time to heat it up!

Puni Ana Warming Lubricant can be used like any other lube: use the nozzle to pour some into your onahole and add a little to your dick to make entry nice and smooth. You might not notice much at first, but after a couple of strokes you’ll feel the lube heating up around you, making the onahole feel much more realistic. But that’s not all: the heating ingredient will also make you slightly more sensitive, making the experience more intense.

Lubricant viscosity: why does it matter?

Personal lubricant can be made in all kinds of consistencies, from runny to gel-like. In the west, runny lubes are the norm: they are great to use with a partner, and it’s what we’ve become used to. However, thick lubricant has many benefits: it leaks out less easily, lasts longer and makes the stimulation a little milder, making it great when you want to last longer with a tight or stimulating onahole. Because the heating properties of the Puni Ana Warming Lubricant make you more sensitive it has been combined with a thick, gel-like lube, balancing out the level of stimulation.

Safe lubricant for your pocket pussy (and for you)

Puni Ana Warming Lubricant is water-based and therefore safe for your onaholes. After you’re done, rinse your onahole with some lukewarm water and clean it according to the instructions. Cleaning water-based lube off your skin is easy, too: simply grab a washcloth with a bit of mild soap.
Of course this lube only contains body-safe ingredients. It is safe on your skin, and if you get a little in your mouth that isn’t a problem either. If you have unusually sensitive skin and are worried it is too intense for you, you can apply a little on the inside of your wrist to see if it works for you. If it’s a little too much you can even combine it with the regular Puni Ana lubricant to get a level of heat that’s perfect for you!

360 ml bottle

Puni Ana Warming Lube comes in a 360 ml bottle. Since it is so thick and concentrated this amount will last you many sessions! Just like the regular Puni Ana lube the bottle is extra stable thanks to the thicker base, and if it does fall over the screw-on cap will make sure nothing can spill out. The bottle has a nozzle which makes it easy to get the lube where you need it without making a mess.

Puni Ana Warming Lubricant Specifications

Water based personal lubricant with heating agent
Contents: 360 mls
Bottle material: plastic

Additional Information

  1. A decent lube Review by Anonymous

    This lube is probably best used with less stimulating / smooth onaholes. Personally, I've gotten the best results with a Lilith Uterus Soft.
    It's comparable to Insomnia and Velvet Lotion but is less silky and creates more friction, which results in a slightly different experience compared to the other two.

    The warming effect is noticeable, though not as strong as one might expect. If anything, it creates a nice, lingering warmth for quite some time after you're done.

    As for negative points, compared to other lubes I've used, this one creates a quite persistent stickiness when you get it on your hands which won't go off with a paper towel.

    (Posted on 2/2/2020)