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The Puni Ana 3D onahole

The Puni Ana 3D is a smaller onahole with bone structure, for a smaller price than a big torso with a bone in it.

By the image on the box you can see that this onahole is from the brand ExE, part of the Puni Ana series, though the name already suggested that.

Why a bone/skeleton/rib cage

With a bigger torso a bone is handy for reinforcement of the torso, so the upper side of the torso won’t flail around. With a smaller onahole like the Puni Ana 3D it has another function.

The bone structure gives the Onahole another feeling when you hold her and it gives a lot of vacuum.

Puni Ana 3D onahole

On the image above, you see from left to right:

1. The Puna Ana 3D front view.
2. The front view of the bone, as it is in the onahole.
3. The side of the Puna Ana 3D.
4. The bone from the side. 

You can bend the Puni Ana 3D with easy, because the rib structure is very flexible. Bending it has a suctioning sound, because the air is being pushed out.

Onahole for smaller penises

The Puni Ana 3D can be called a miniature version of the 4kg heavy Puni Ana SPDX. The Puni Ana 3D is 14,5cm long which is not extremely small for a small onahole. However this onahole feels not only tight but also short from the inside.

The tunnel is straight and for many this onahole will really be too small. If you have a penis of 12cm or less then this onahole might be totally perfect for you.


Not only the rib cage makes this small Onahole unique, the suctioning effect can be called unique and above all powerful.
Puni Ana 3D

This is mainly due to the bone structure. The tunnel is kept hollow because the material is attached to the skeleton. Besides, this onahole only weighs 400 grams and the material of the upside doesn’t flatten the tunnel, but it stays open and filled with air.

Because the tunnel is tight and full with air, you will get a big vacuum effect when you push out the air and insert your penis. The tightness of the tunnel ensures that the air won’t escape along the walls.


The tunnel is double layered and feels tight. In the entrance it is covered with a lot of nubs for stimulation. At the end of the tunnel you feel a stricture which leads to the end chamber. The end chamber is smooth, feels a bit more spacious and gives an immense vacuum.
Are you not shaped big or do you want an onahole with a bone structure for a small price, then the Puni Ana 3D is something for you.

Do you have an average or big penis, then you can’t fit well in the Puni Ana 3D and you should skip it.

Cleaning the Puni Ana 3D

The cleaning of the Puni Ana 3D is doable. You can rinse her out with water and then use a microfiber cloth in her with your finger or a pencil. The water will be absorbed in the cloth and you repeat this a few times, until she is dried up well.

Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 60 mm (5.7 x 3.1 x 2.4 ")
Weight: 400g (14,1 oz)
Integrated skeletal structure.
Inclusive 15ml lubricant.

Additional Information

  1. way too small Review by iniwini

    the idea of this onahole is just amazing !
    Although when i lubed it up and tested it out it was just plain annoying trying to get my junk inside (not even fully inside ) and trust me i'm not even that big down there , at all . i tried cutting one of the ribs inside to create a bit more space . but that didn't do much . if you are into the fantasy that you are f ing a cute little fairy or elf sure this is right up your ally . But if you like an onahole that feels good and fits your junk . don't but this one . although there is supposed to be a bigger size of this onahole the (sdpx is i remember correctly) and that one must be amazing ! have'nt had the chance to use it yet(?) ) anyhow , it's way to small for my taste (Posted on 3/15/2018)

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