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Puruman Angel

The Puruman Angel by Magic Eyes - an extremely soft and smooth artificial vagina. Do you love touching a woman with a soft, smooth skin? Then this onahole is perfect for you!

Puruman translates as 'Pullman', which refers to the elasticity of this artificial pussy. We believe that Marshmallow Pleasure may have been a better name. It feels so soft you want to bite it with your teeth! Smooth like a woman's cheek or buttock.

Puruman Angel

The Puruman Angel is so soft and floppy; it will actually droop over your hand. This is remarkable for a 580 gram artificial vagina.

Angel Pullman onahole

It is an extremely smooth and supple pussy. We were pleasantly surprised by the pliability of this vagina - it is definitely the softest onahole that we ever tried. 

But be careful! Don't stretch the material too much. This might cause minor damage, that actually looks like stretch marks. Because of its smoothness, the material is more fragile than that of other onaholes. But let's have a look at the beautiful pink inside of the Puruman Angel.

The tunnel of the Puruman Angel

The tunnel is made of a firmer material. As soon as you enter the tunnel, your dick slides over a cluster of soft nubs and ridges.

The lower picture shows the tunnel while it is slightly held apart. The picture above that shows the natural state of the tunnel, when the walls droop onto each other. Upon penetration, you push the walls apart, just like in real life.

Puruman Angel soft onahole

Towards the middle you encounter a series of whirls and bends that stimulate your penis.
The end of the tunnel consists of a narrowing chamber, providing more pleasure.

Using the Puruman Angel

We are happy that Magic Eyes decided to make this product with a dual layer - the interior provides more stimulation this way.
But the stimulation created by the Puruman Angel is less than that of other Meikis, or other onaholes by Magic Eyes. You will see that you'll need to hold the top of this onahole while you're using it. If you don't, it may just droop over your tip once you're halfway inside the tunnel!

This artificial pussy is recommended for those that love soft material, or are very sensitive. If you prefer a firmer pussy with more stimulation, check the rest of our assortment.

Additional Information

BrandMagic Eyes
  1. Very soft and sticky but good! Review by FruitJuice

    This toy is great if you know how to use it. I bought it again, because i accidentally broke the first one. The softness and the feeling when touching are great. Inside the package is a plastic shape which keeps the toy safe and is useful for storage. After first cleaning it gets more sticky than many other holes, which makes maintenance powder recommendable. (Posted on 12/16/2018)

  2. Very soft - I love it! Review by wj

    Puruman Angel is really soft but the inner layer is a bit firmer than I expected. If you like soft onaholes you will love this. (Posted on 8/17/2018)

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