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Description / R-18

R-18: the Endurance Trainer by ToysHeart

Ever feel like you need some training so that you can last longer and prolong your pleasure? Well look no further! ToysHeart brings us the R-18, an onahole that comes with not just a design suitable for both beginners and experienced users, but also two training exercises.

The Endurance Trainer’s Onahole

"Even if you return to your original world, remember this place"

In the new fantasy world that you have entered, you discover a girl in the mushroom forest. She wants you to remember the training that you will undergo with her, even if you go back to your original world. So be sure to train well and not disappoint her!

Easy to Hold Pocket Pussy R-18 Onahole

The R-18 might not have the most realistic appearance, but it certainly has the most optimised design for endurance training. The handle-like design on the outside allows for a comfortable grip that gives you a lot of control over your movements.

The R-18 is made with the Safe Skin material, which means you can feel safe and secure with the usage of this onahole. Safe Skin is a material which has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as it follows the Food Sanitation Law Standard 370.

Beginner’s Onahole

The tunnel of this pocket pussy is made with waves of tightness and is split up into two halves. The upper half consists of folds and the so-called 4 Magic Circles. The double-layered fine folds are sure to make you groan in pleasurable agony as you pass along them. The 4 Magic Circles are firm bumps that will stroke the top of your glans (or other sides if you turn it around) as you pass them. The bottom half is covered with protruding folds that stimulate and train the back of your dick with each successive stroke.

Near the end of the tunnel you get to a sort of uterus chamber. This space will cause a vacuum which ensures that you can properly feel all the stimulation with which you need to train. At the end of this chamber there is a Heart shaped protrusion which can stimulate your tip (which is part of the training)! It is made with three ‘ levels’ which can be reached pushing in the heart shape.

As you can see in the Characteristics Graph which most ToysHeart onaholes have, the R-18 is on the slightly firm and tight side. This is of course perfect for an onahole which is meant to improve your endurance. The firmness and tightness ensure that you feel every bit of stimulation, and enduring this exposure is what makes your overall endurance better.

Law of the Mushroom Forest Masturbation Training

This is the translation of the training schedule on the package:

Level 1
Stroke more than 180 times in one day, hitting the heart shape inside with each thrust. *It is OK to take breaks and use lotion

Level 2,5
Keeping in mind that the top 4 magic circles will hit the crown of your glans, do the following steps in succession.

  1. Slowly stroke 18 times to hit the first level of the Heart
  2. Give yourself an interval (break) of 90 seconds
  3. Slowly stroke 18 times to hit the second level of the Heart
  4. Give yourself an interval (break) of 60 seconds
  5. Slowly stroke 18 times to hit the third level of the Heart
  6. Give yourself an interval (break) of 30 seconds
  7. Intensely stroke to completely crush the third level of the Heart, and finish

The R-18 in short

The R-18 is an onahole made with ToysHeart’s Safe Skin and has the perfect design to get better sexual endurance. The tunnel is a bit tight and firm and is made up of folds and bumps.

R-18 Onahole Specs

Weight: 303gr
Length: 15cm
Width: 6cm
Tunnel length: 12,5cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 303.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 125.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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