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R-20 Third gen

In this third generation of R-20 ToysHeart combines the most beloved features of the last two generations with some improvements in design and material.

Simple outside

This R-20 is a simple straight cylinder with a slightly narrower middle, like the last two. Not only is this an easy shape to hold, it also makes this one of the shapes most suitable to use with a dakimakura or a blow up sex doll.

The entrance to this onahole is made for durability: no fragile little babia or overly tight entrance that will rip with the first use. This onahole has a gentle slope that leads you straight into the onahole, which makes gliding inside much easier.

New and more exciting structure

The R-20 Third Generation’s entrance Has the so-called “Wet Groove” design: there’s about a centimeter of smooth material that closed tightly around you, ensuring that lubricant stays in and air stays out. Because it has a mostly airtight seal and fairly thick walls the R-20 Third Gen will generate an excellent vacuum. Simply squeeze out all the air before entering the onahole will try to spring back into its original shape every time you pull back, resulting in a sucking sensation.

The tunnel itself is incredibly varied and interesting, often with different structures on the left and right side - or top or bottom, depending on how you turn it. This makes this pocket pussy incredibly adaptable to your personal preferences.

The entire length of the R-20 Third Gen is covered with a wide assortment of ridges, pleasure bumps, nubs, suction cups and rotating grooves. In addition, several of these bumps team up to make the holetighter around the start and middle. Just before you reach the very back, the onahole tightens more than in any other place, creating a tight gate for you to push through. The end chamber behind is worth the effort though: lined with thick “ropes”, this area will bring you to climax in no time.

With a weight of 335 grams this pocket pussy is a perfect size to use one-handed, but still big enough to feel meaty and realistic. The “walls” are approximately 2.5 cms thick, which is more than enough to keep you from feeling your fingers through them.

Material: realistic and durable pocket pussy

It’s not just the design that’s gotten an upgrade, the material has been changed a little as well. ToysHeart uses a material that feels soft to the touch, has very little odor and lasts a long time. It stretches without tearing and will last through many uses, though you should still make sure to use plenty of lubricant and store it away from heat and sunlight.

R-20 Third Gen in Short

The R-20 Third Gen may have a plain outside, but the stimulating and varied inner design more than makes up for that. You’ll want to use it again and again… And thanks to the durable material that won’t be a problem!

R-20 Third Gen Specs

Onahole length: 13.5 cms
Width: 7.5 cms
Tunnel length: 12 cms
Weight: 335 grams
Material: SafeSkin
Brand: ToysHeart
Made in Japan

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