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Toysheart R-20 Masturbator is finally available in Europe! This onahole has been popular for years. It has gathered many positive reviews, and we are very pleased to have taken the Toysheart products into stock.
Despite its pretty packaging, at first glance the exterior of the R-20 might be a bit underwhelming.
However, this artificial pussy is like a wolf in sheep's clothing, for its performance will blow you away!

Safe Skin Material

Toysheart has baptised the material of the R-20 'Safe Skin'. The Safe Skin material is said to have a 'memory'. Over time, it will adjust to your body - in this case your penis. Some users describe in reviews how the onahole seems to become tailor-made to their dick... but to be honest, we have not experienced this ourselves yet. In any case, the tunnel is guaranteed to give you a range of incredible sensations.

The material is soft to the touch, but at the same time it is durable and strong, with an impressive degree of flexibility.

Thick Wall - 19 cm Long

The R-20 measures an impressive 19 cm long. It's interior is 16.5 cm. Although Toysheart products are designed and produced in Japan, these are sizes that make the boys in Europe very happy!
Besides the length, the thickness of the wall of this masturbator is also very impressive.

Similar to the Toysheart Seventeen range, the entrance is no small 2 mm hole through which you have to force yourself. This product too has a comfortable entrance, which ensures that you only need a little bit of lubrication, after which you can enjoy the tunnel in all its glory.

The popularity of the R-20 is not only the result of its durability. Obviously, masturbators are judged on the basis of the sensations they create.
And the sensations caused by the R-20 are simply... mind blowing. It is difficult to go into detail, but if you take a look at the picture of the tunnel below, you should get a good idea of the promises this fake pussy holds in store for you

R-20 Masturbator

After entering the tunnel, you will immediately encounter a large membrane with nubs. The underside of your penis will slide right over this.
Next a sharp bend, after which the tip of your dick is enveloped by a collection of G spots that massage your johnson. Behind these G spots there is a first vacuum chamber awaiting you. And that is followed by an end chamber!

R-20 Tunnel

This ensures that those that don't fill the entire 16.5 cm, still will enjoy the vacuum of this great tunnel. Because of its flexibility, you should be able to penetrate the R-20 deeper. But you can also simply use it to create a vacuum, allowing the R-20 to literally suck you in.

Pro tip ;)

Another technique entails entering this masturbator completely. Then hold the R-20 in the middle (or at its base) and stretch out the top side.
The tunnel's structure will become tighter and slide over the tip of your penis. The suction will increase, and.... you will experience the rest all by yourself...

R-20 Features

Full length: 190 mm
Widest exterior diameter: 70 mm
Tunnel length: 165 mm
Widest interior diameter: 28 mm
Weight: 405 g

Comes with: 15 ml lubricant

Soft Safe Skin material
Realistic texture
Will fit inside many Love Dolls
Designed with very thick wall
Extreme suction power
Complex 3D-structure tunnel
This design prevents leaking lube
Manufactured in Japan

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length165mm
Product weight405gram
  1. Could be better Review by DeepthroatLover

    Pros :
    - VERY DURABLE !!! (the quality of the TPE is one of the best i ever encountered)
    - very good suction
    - will not end as a mess (mostly because it's kinda long so liquids will probably stays inside)
    - easy to wash (just turn the inside part outside to wash it)

    Cons :
    - Suction is so good that sometimes stroking is very difficult
    - A bit too long for me, i don't feel like i'm using it fully
    - Beginning of the tube feels very "meaty" which is good but the midle and end of the tube last of "meat", the pleasure could have been more intense
    - Beginning of the tube can stuck your juice in your urethra while having an orgasm (cumming feels a bit painful sometimes, better not being fully inside while finishing)

    9/10 good pleasure and very durable, be sure to check R-20 Puni and R-20 3rd gen that is on pre-order on Motsutoys they get rid of most of the cons (Posted on 1/12/2021)

  2. Good size, but might be to tight. Review by Chris

    What I appreciate the most in this Onahole is it's size. It's perfect for men with a slightly larger penis as a deeper penetration is possible. My only negative remark is that the interior can sometimes be too overstimulating. It's great as a starter, but I prefer not to use it afterwards. (Posted on 10/29/2020)

  3. Fantastic Review by TJ

    i can thoroughly recommend this onahole
    it has a very gentle but structured feel to it and also the material used feels soft and durable
    it creates a strong vacuum which feels good too (Posted on 6/28/2019)

  4. Delivery was fast and packing was excellent Review by Lukas

    Delivery was fast and packing was excellent. When used with the Onahole Warmer together it is almost same as real human. (Posted on 4/27/2017)