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Description / RealBody Venus Namachichi

RealBody Venus Namachichi breasts

These beautiful F-Cup boobs by SSI have been made with a lot of love and attention to detail. From the shape and the material combinations to the packaging, everything is well thought out.

RealBody Venus Namachichi packaging

Packaging rarely gets its own section on our product pages, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about it here. The illustration is drawn by none other than the legendary artist Satoshi Urushihara, who is nicknamed “master of breasts”. He also supervised the design process for the toy itself, so his vision of the perfect breast could be brought into the real world. venus Namachichi breast sex toy

The outside is beautifully illustrated, but when you open the lid you’ll see the real point of the packaging: the breasts are positioned in a way that they match up with the illustration, making it very easy to imagine you are groping Venus’ breasts.

Of course the packaging also contains a plastic blister that will keep this tit sex toy safe during shipping and storage.

Soft yet perky thanks to quadruple material construction

This tit sex toy has been made with a combination of four carefully selected materials, each playing its part in making Venus’ breasts look and feel as lifelike as possible.

  • Ultrasoft “marshmallow material” fills the inside of each breast, making them soft, jiggly and bouncy
  • Realistic skin material wraps around the entire outside, feeling soft to the touch, but strong and elastic enough to give Venus’s breasts a pleasant perkiness
  • The nipples are a little firmer than the skin material, making them perfect to play with. Because the colour is infused in the material it will not wear off, no matter how often you touch them.
  • The firmest material in the Venus Namachici is hidden in the base plate. Here, it gives some support and sturdiness to this tit sex toy and keeps it from folding or flopping over, even when things get a little intense.

As a whole, this sex toy weighs abou 2.6 kilograms: heavy enough to feel real, yet light enough to easily move around. They are quite round and the nipple is placed high on the breast, 

Using the RealBody Venus Namachichi breasts

This tit sex toy is perfect for groping and squeezing, and the nipples invite you to suck on them. But you can also motorboat them, or dress them up in fancy lingerie or a cosplay outfit. Last but not least, Venus’ perky F-cup tits can also be used for tit sex, or paizuri if you want to use the Japanese term. The channel between her breasts feels great, and if you want to increase the pressure you can push her breasts together. Be sure to apply a layer of lube first!

RealBody Venus Namachichi in short

This tit sex toy shows that Satoshi Urushihara truly excells at designing boobs, not just in 2D but also in 3D. Combined with SSI’s expertise and four-layer construction, these breasts are a real addition to any boob-lover’s collection.

Height (underboob to collarbone): 20.5 cm
Depth (nipple to back): 10 cm
Width (left to right): 28.5 cm
Weight: 2.6 kg
Brand: SSI

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Product weight 2,600.00 g
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